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  1. Man UFC must really be hurtin for PPV buys... I'm glad Jon Jones went full heel though.
  2. Yes, if your account has ps plus it applies for ps3 as well as ps4.
  3. I know it's not totally cutting the cord but most cable providers are now offering an internet plus HBO plan for anyone that refuses to leave HBO behind and doesn't have or doesn't want to use someone else's account. Also I understand the hate for cable companies and not wanting to pay for all the unused channels but I'm always surprised at the amount of adults willing to illegally stream whatever they want just because they can.
  4. What's everybody drinking or the 4th? I just stopped and picked up a bunch of stuff for me and the girlfriend and a friend. I ended up getting 6 packs of: paulaner hefeweissen, troegs dream weaver, stone IPA, lagunitas Maximus, lagunitas little sumptin sumptin, and finally a 6 of hop devil. I considered going with the dead rise but decided against it. I don't like it out of the bottle nearly as much as from the tap.
  5. Groupon has a year of ps plus for $40. Should be good thru the end of the week
  6. Just wanna drop in and say that I'm another person who LOVED Wolfenstein. Definitely the most fun I've had since buying my PS4.
  8. The Evil Within (like most games recently) got delayed until October. I've been trying to download this UFC demo since last night but it still has 8 hours left..... guess ill go back to playing some Watch Dogs
  9. Also TellTale announced today Walking Dead as well as the Wolf Among Us will be released on ps4 and Xbox One in the future
  10. I really like Fez and I agree completely about indie games. The only game I'm looking forward to anywhere near as much as The Witcher 3 is Hotline Miami 2.
  11. I tried playing borderlands by myself the first time and hated it. Played it agaib later co op and loved it. Also LOVED the second one. I don't think it's anything like fallout at all though.
  12. I was excited until I came in here and read all that witless extension crap. Can we all agree to just not talk about that until it happens? I'm staying out of here until the game starts, I can't be thinking about extending a terrible coach , it's hard enough to deal with the fact that he is our coach this year!
  13. I had totally forgotten about that but I was so into e wrestling when I was in middle school haha. Fun times. I remember taking time to type up "promos" or "segments" and always waiting to see what the event results were. One guy in my league always typed up what amounted to 15 page word documents for his promos. Unbelievable man haha.
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