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Why do I get the feeling were either going to be really good or really bad!


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For some reason I don't think were going to have another 7-9 or 8-8 year. With the talent we have, we are either going to rise to the occasion and have an explosive offensive, or be a bust. I get the feeling were coming out guns blazing, and if we truly have a gunslinger were going to be division champs. But if our gunslinger goes down, or can't shoot straight, well...

My prediction for this year:

12-4 Ramsey Pro Bowl.

My (Demon in my head) prediction for this year.

5-11 Woerful with more passing yards than Ramsey.

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maybe you are just like the rest of us who have seen a team play very good at times and very bad at times in the preseason. I am gonna hold off on making a prediction only because I don't want to get caught up in anything I have seen so far, because(besides injuries) NOTHING over the last month matters, come Sept. 4th.

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I think there may be some justification for your thinking. From what I've seen, we've been in position to make the plays but haven't executed. Does the team start executing? If we execute (for example, make the takles) when we have the opportunity, 12-4 or better is very possible. If we continue missing opportunities at the prodigious rate we've seen this pre-season (maybe like ND said, we've been playing a version of rope-a-dope), we have a 5 to 7 win season. Most likely, however, we'll miss some opportunities and take advantage of others and have a 9 or 10 win season.

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I have yet to get the feeling the 'Skins will play really good. There have been some flashes of hope. 2 years ago they were terrible in preseason and crap in the 1st 5 games, last year good in preaseason and mediocre to bad in the 1st 5 games.

I suppose they could come out and light everybody up, but recent history points to this team trying to get in gear sometime during the regular season. So I expect problems, but I have no idea when in the regular season they will clear up if at all.

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This was the first preseason in four years where our starters showed steady improvement during the early portion of the first three preseason games against the opponents' starters.

Last year even seemed like an illusion at the time because so much of our points came in the second half.

I like where we are, and while we haven't proven anything yet, it seems like we used the preseason to our advantage.

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The only thing I do know from pre-season is that Spurrier kept everything low key..

he did not show his cards in the passing game at all. Instead he ran, ran, ran...

Now while I do think he will run the ball more this season. I think he is really trying to surprise everyone week 1.

will it work?...Don't know

he treated the pre-season like it had no meaning whatsover..

from one extreme to the next..LOL

we will find out soon enough.

But I will say this Ramsey is going to be a work in progress I think.

so domination will not come easily.

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Well, you can look at it this way, Most experts say the 3rd preseason is the most likely barometer for the Regular season, as far as how sharp the team looks and as far as execution looks.

Or another take is that the entire 2003 season is actually just a 16 game preseason for the 2004 season....hahaha

I dunno. Initially I though we would be good enough to grab a wildcard spot, but with only TWO wildcard spots, it is a lot tougher to get it with a 9-7 record than it used to be.

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I know that our talent level is far superior to last year's talent. Yet our schedule is much more difficult (5th most difficult based upon last year's records?).

BUT (i) our offensive line has not had a chance to jell due to injuries, new players and other causes, (ii) Ramsey is still like a rookie, based upon actual playing time experience, (iii) still too many penalties and mental mistakes, and (iv) until we beat a good team, the Skins confidence level may be fragile.

Thursday night we will be playing a tough, veteran playoff team. It may be crippled due to injuries and free agent losses, but the core of this team is still intact. Edwards is an excellent coach. And they have a lot to prove.

We have typically laid an egg on nationally televised games (yes, I know we beat the Colts on national tv last year, but we have generally looked and played horrible on the national stage over the past 4 or 5 years).

I think we have more on the line, emotionally and psychologically, against the Jets than they do. A loss will be devatating to the confidence and morale of this team. So much of football is confidence and momentum. If we start slow, make stupid mistakes, commit turnovers, or suffer a key injury, it could snowball into a disaster. That in turn could lead to a series of losses (1-6 before the open date is very possible).

Conversely, a big opening night win could fuel an avalanche of momentum, especially with Vick injured, and the opportunity to play the Giants and Pats at home.

So, I agree, we could be really good or really bad. I think it is that close.

So let's chill the beer (I brew my own!), AND LET THE GAMES BEGIN!


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