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My trip to the game

Dr. D

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I have to say my first trip to the new stadium was a memorable one.

I was lucky enough to sit down on the field.

"Dream seats"

they were not kidding.

I had my own waitress(?) and we were treated like royalty. Free food but the Buds were still 6 dollars.

We got to park in the "purple" area right next to the front door.

There is so much more going on for the eye to see at ground level that sometimes one has to focus to follow the game.

WE did the "wave".

I was told that the attendance was like 70,000, amazing indeed.

Halftime show was the redskinettes retro.

The dream seats gave us a pass to the club level.. that was very nice too. We went after the game to the "humidor" for some six dollar cigars and beers to watch the after-game highlights and interviews.

WE eventually left at around 1AM (no traffic !)

as we passed the stadium entrance close to our car we heard a band still playing up on the club level (witht he outside balcony).

All in all it was amazing.

I hope at some point I get to go to a game that counts.

A female friend commented on the fact that the bathrooms on the club level had STRIPED walpaper. The men's room did not of course the walpaper was a textured yellowish....appropriate I am sure for its use.

Oh and then there were all those nice flat screen TV's and leather lounge chairs...

sometimes It nice to see how the "other half" lives..or where all the money goes that comes fromt he six dollar Buds.


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I almost always get Club seats. My dad has them as a tax writeoff and they haven't been THAT much more expensive than regular tickets from scalpers.

Our section is cool, not the usual group of "wine and cheesers" you would expect. I have had a couple of experiences of those "down in front" people, but always make it a point to stand even more and yell even louder when some people shout at us to get "down in front". We are only three rows from the back, so it's not too bad.

The Club Level parties are cool. I've danced with some Redskinettes a couple of times. Also got a picture taken of me and Snyder. Haven't seen him at the after parties lately. I love the Humidor, just wish they still brewed their own beer (Jack Kent Cooke Ale or whatever it was.)

The problem is people in ALL seat levels not being loud enough and selling their tickets to rival fans.

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Originally posted by Chief skin

I enjoy my seats in the upper deck, u see the entire field. From this view u see plays that worked and why they did not work, WR'S open that the QB did not see and the view of special tems is really cool

I'm with you man, I love my section 420 seats. The view is great, you may get fooled on a playaction or two, but for the most part you don't miss a thing. It's nice being able to see the whole field, it gives you a nice perspective, rather than being crammed up near the sideline and hardly able to see plays going on across the field.

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I sit in the upper deck around row 17. The view is nice but when the play goes to other side, I miss my club seats. I sell the club tickets every year now. I had the best view from those seats, they are on the fourth row around the goal line, great view of the whole field. Just high enough where you see everything, and close enough where you can see the play action fakes and stuff.

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I sit in the club level and enjoy watching the WHOLE game on the flat-screen TVs, sitting in the comfortable leather chairs.....just kidding!! Actually, the club level especially comes in handy during the 4:00 games, if you get the stadium early, you can chill up there and watch the 1:00 games. But I agree that too many people make it a habit of hanging around in the atrium during the game. At the first exhibition game a Pats fan sitting nearby asked "Why would you pay $$ to come to a game if you're not going to watch it from the seating bowl?" Actually, I think its worse at the Patriots new stadium, because I think you can actually see the field from their stadium's atrium. I remember watching the late season Jets-Patriots Sunday night game last year and the club level at the Pats' field looked deserted.

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The club level seats I have are line up dead center on the 50, great view, best seats I have ever sat in at any stadium. Only time I sit inside is during halftime to watch other games highlights.

Worth every penny.

Also got NFL sunday ticket this year, so I am paying alot for football.

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