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Favorite Cartoons...


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Since getting Direct Tv, I've been reliving my childhood with all the cartoon channels.

This weekend I watched the Centurians, Fantastic Four, Johnny Quest and Thundarr the Barbarian.

Man, those bring back a bunch of memories...

What were your favorite cartoons?

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Speed Racer was my favorite when I was a kid.

Star Blazers, Superfreinds, Justice League and AQUAboy. (Aquaboy was the kid who had the chewing gum that allowed him to breath underwater and he had that cool boomerang.)

And, of course, the Laugh-Olympics.

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Originally posted by SkinsFan56

Mine isnt a cartoon, but as a kid I lived for the show "Land of the Lost" Remember the sleestacks who couldnt handle the light?

Who could forget Marshall, Will and Holly on a routine expedition? :D

And then there were all the Kroft Superstars. Sigmund the Seamonster, Dr. Shrinker, The Bugaloos, HR PuffnStuff, and my personal favorite, Electro-Woman and Dyno-Girl. :)

I know there were some others, but I can't remember them all now.

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Star Blazers rocked! :)

We're off to outer space, we're leaving Mother Earth

To save the human race. Our Star Blazers.

Searching for a distant star, heading off to Iscandar

Leaving all we love behind, who knows what dangers we'll find?

We must be strong and brave, our home we've got to save.

If we don't, in just one year, Mother Earth will disappear

Fighting with the Gamalons, we won't stop until we've won

Then we'll return, and when we arrive

The Earth will survive with our Star Blazers.

Funny thing, I was recently at a video game /anime store, and found out that there is a DVD collection of all of the Star Blazers series available! It's $150, though.

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Originally posted by codeorama

Anyone remember stuff like Ultraman and the show about those 3 Giant Robots? They weren't cartoons but were pretty cool.

Code...I bought the first season of Ultraman for my son on dvd....can try and burn you a copy if you like...brought back a lot of great memories..I love those cheesy Japanese effects....

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I am Old School Toon

Looney Tunes

Donald Duck

Scooby Doo

Speed Racer

Yogi Bear/ Hanna Barbara

Tom & Jerry


Harvey Cartoons

Most of the best "new" tunes are on Cartoon Network

Dexter's Lab, ED, EDD & EDDIE, Samuri Jack, Time Squad, Power Puff Girls

My kids also like SpongeBob Square Pants, Fairy Odd Parents, & Jimmy Neutron

Though not cartoons, I used to watch "Mr. Bill" a local early morning kids show. He not only showed old cartoons but hundreds of 3 Stooges, and Little Rascals shorts. Got my mind in the proper mood before going to school.

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Seriously, how could I get through a work day without Code's great threads. Code, I just got DirecTV about 2 weeks ago, and living without the Cartoon Network for the last 2 years has really made things rough on me (tough life, I know). The entire Adult Swim block is up there right now as my favorite cartoons. But of all time? This is really one of those discussions that's best left to a night of drinking because it always turns into an argument with me. It's really too tough to choose. I've actually broken it down by year before, but instead of doing that again, I'll just come up with a decent list:


Duck Tales

Darkwing Duck


Transformers (not Armada!)



Home Movies


Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Ren & Stimpy (before Bob Camp left)

Eek! the Cat

But in the end, the best series has to be Voltron (before Sven left of course).

And before anyone asks; no, I'm not a pot head.

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