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Each day, when i get to work, i am greeted by four newspapers that i regrettably almost never get a chance to read anymore: The Washington Post, NY Times, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal.

anyhow, apparently today was a relatively slow news day, so there was no consensus on what the lead pic should be...

WS Journal: a bunch of pictures of Vlad Putin not wearing a shirt and being "manly"... Question: is there any major leader in the world right now that is a bigger tool than Putin?

NY Times: a picture of a father/soldier reconnecting with his daughter after returning stateside. Question: is there ANY photo subject more awesome than the "welcome home daddy" (and now mommies too) soldier pics? I personally can't imagine having to serve thousands of miles away from my kids for months/years on end. wow. I am not much on the flag waving nationalist side, but these pics make me misty eyed every singel time. Thank you troops.

Financial times: Jimmy Carter in North Korea. Statement: wow, Jimmy Carter looks like crap! when did he get soooo old?

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Putin is a manly man's man. A couple weeks ago during the huge forest fires raging in Russia he was photographed personally flying a helicopter and dumping fire retardant on the flames. He may even have been shirtless.

I've heard that he can speak French in Russian.

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I'm going to go with Nicolas Sarkozy...FTW

Why Sarkozy? He's not the next Winston Churchill, but he is nothing remotely as horrible as Putin. Putin is horrible in every way, both for his own people and for the world in general.

Speaking of the gerat shirtless Mr. Putin, this should give you a laugh:


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