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Pre-training camp tweets, including words from Mike Shanahan


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"Whole mess" includes Haslett on Haynesworth, more from KShanahan on his offense, and pictures of media folk eating. http://redsk.in/akPZQu

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click on link in tweet for full blog....

The Coaches Meet The Media For Lunch

Posted Jul 28th 2010 3:12PM by Matt Terl (author feed)

Training Camp opens tomorrow, of course -- Print your invitation! Bring school supplies! --but for the media, the 2010 season pretty much started today, with a luncheon that provided an opportunity to chat with the assistant coaches and have a Q&A with head coach Mike Shanahan.

You can see the biggest news from Shanahan's session over on Redskins.com; here are some pictures of the day and quotes from some of the coaches:

That's defensive coordinator Jim Haslett, along with (l-r) Les Carpenter of Yahoo! Sports, Doc Walker of ESPN980, and Don Banks of SI.com.

Haslett was pleased to finally get to the actual start of training camp: "We've been working the whole summer and guys have made a great transition into the defense. So I'm excited about putting the pads on and just carrying on. I think we could go out there right now and just run our stuff that we've been running."

He also brought the assembled media up to speed on his interactions with Albert Haynesworth. "I met with him about ten minutes three months ago, and about an hour and a half this week, today. So that's about it."

Well, not exactly "it".

Haslett also described how today's meeting went:

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Quote from Kyle Shanahan (Redskins blog)

On his offensive system:

"I keep getting asked about my system. I really don't know what my system is. It's whatever the weakness in the defense is. The one thing I can say that our offense is gonna do is we're gonna attack. We're gonna attack you, we're gonna attack you aggressively, whether we're running the ball, throwing the ball, it doesn't matter. We're gonna be aggressive and we're gonna attack whatever the weakness is."

This gives me chills in all the right places!!!

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So what are we going to do about Trent Williams contract negotiations?

I'm getting ready to clock out at work and go to the YMCA to work out. But I think his agents and the Redskins will try to work something out by tomorrow. I'm not sure what you are going to do.

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Thanks for these updates!! Hopefully we can keep something like this rolling all through camp.

Could the mods maybe set-up an official "Training Camp Tweets" thread or something? There are like 3 twitter threads on the front page.

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Could the mods maybe set-up an official "Training Camp Tweets" thread or something? There are like 3 twitter threads on the front page.

Well certain tweets deserve there own thread. In some cases it is the first way legit news is broken (for example, Schefter tweets). So it is no different than starting a thread based on a website or another source.

One of us will start a Training Camp Day 1 Tweets thread tomorrow, and we'll keep it updated. No real need for Mod intervention, in my opinion. Unless they disagree.

By the way, this is why these threads have been created by me, c4, and others...to clean up the stadium a little bit. That being said, I think some tweets may deserve their own thread if they are important enough.

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Oh tomorrow will be a very unproductive day at work. You guys rock!

As well as an unproductive day at the beach for me I will probably be on ES all day to get updates on the team. I'm so psyched now for camp it's not even funny. The fact that Shanny is making Haynesworth earn his spot is making me smile right now because my respect for him has grown more and more as a coach. HTTR!!

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Jim Haslett says that Andre Carter and Lorenzo Alexander will compete for starting job at outside linebacker (opposite Brian Orakpo).

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That is insane. I can't believe Alexander is gonna be an OLB. Talk about jack of all trades. He might be my favorite Redskin. Atleast top 3.

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