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NFL Fanhouse: Albert Haynesworth's Holdout Ploy Is Stupid, Selfish


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If we tried to list all the different ways Albert Haynesworth has screwed up his relationship with the Redskins and his reputation throughout the NFL, we might crash our site. As a defensive tackle, Haynesworth is brilliant, but he's been anything but in the way he's operated his offseason. And if he thinks his latest play -- sitting out minicamp and asking to be traded -- is going to help him get what he wants, then he's not just being selfish. He's also being stupid.

Every one of the myriad mistakes Haynesworth has made since Mike Shanahan took over the Redskins -- and told Haynesworth he was to play nose tackle in a 3-4 defensive scheme -- has been rooted in a basic ignorance of the landscape change Shanahan represents. Haynesworth can crow all he wants about how he signed in Washington to be a 4-3 DT and wreak havoc in backfields. He can claim he never would have signed that $100 million deal if he'd known things would change so soon. But his arguments are irrelevant, because nothing that happened before Dan Snyder hired Shanahan and gave him power over football decisions matters anymore.

Click the link for the full article.

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Don't release or trade him ( No Value). Just make him a backup and sit him on the bench for every game. No Play time. With fans booing him and players,coaches ignoring him in the sideline, it will be a nightmare for him.

He is the biggest IDIOT I have seen.

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week 2, Albert sitting at home on the inactive list...."damn, this is great, getting paid to be fat".

week 4 ,Fatso sitting at home has eaten himself to about 400 lbs...."I don't need no friends, as long as I got my money"

week 6, Redskins looking good without him...Al "I bet I could play NT, shoot, it don't look that hard....." donut in mouth

week 12, Redskins in the playoff race, D looks great, Al strolls into Shanny office. "you know coach, I been thinkin', I'd be willing to give this NT thing a try, I was wrong, no hard feelings"

Shanny, "Al, go home, we have established a team atmosphere and don't need you. Go collect your check and watch us roll through the playoffs from your couch".


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Use this to your advantage coach. It will work, the fans hate him, the players hate him and all he stands for. Win one for the "We Generation" and let the "me generation" rot on the bench.

The part of the article I found interesting is where they said Shanny can use the players non sympathetic type frustration towards haynesworth as a tool to bring the team together. Not sure if that would be a good idea, but an interesting one nonetheless.

And for the record, I selected the "Nothing. Let him sit" option in the poll.

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