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LVRJ: Ban on chicken suits at polling places still stands


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Ban on chicken suits at polling places still stands

First Amendment activists dress up to vote to defy chicken suit ban

Protesters of a statewide ban to keep people dressed as chickens from coming closer than 100 feet to polling places are crying "fowl."

It seems Secretary of State Ross Miller's ban did not stop some peeps from flocking to vote Wednesday.

"Anyone else tired of chickens?" Miller tweeted Wednesday afternoon.

Clad in a bright yellow chicken suit, Michael Ginsburg voted at the Rainbow Library despite the ban, claiming the debate has transformed into a free speech issue rather than a jab at any one particular candidate.


"The concern is they could ban something else," said Ginsburg, an at-large board member for the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada. "I understand the chicken outfit has become synonymous with a certain campaign, which we weren't actually discussing or out in opposition to. This really just interferes with someone's First Amendment rights."

For weeks, chicken jokes have permeated the news, with pundits chiding Republican U.S. Senate candidate Sue Lowden for her remarks suggesting people could barter with doctors for medical care.

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Bartering with doctors for medical care...now that's an idea.

that happens more than you think. my dad accepts all kinds of stuff from patients that can't pay. one of the cooler barters was a set of handmade stuffed bears. the reality is that my dad would have just done the stuff for free but appreciates it when people do their best to show their appreciation.

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