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It's very important that fans be consistent and rational


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The point is: Losing still sucks even if it takes place during a rebuilding year and even if it leads to a Super Bowl title.

If we go 2-14 the next two seasons and then go 14-2 in 2012' date=' 2010 and 2011 are still going to suck donkey balls. And I'll probably be dead by 2012 anyway. That's because God hates me.

I reserve the right to be a miserable **** during any losing in a rebuilding stretch.[/quote']

Losing always sucks is right. Rebuilding or not. I'm going to take sh*t left right and center from my friends during the next couple years as things are fixed and sure the hopeful payoff in 3-5 years will be worth it but it won't feel that way during the lean years.

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A few years back, I recall thinking how 2010 would be a critical year for the Skins franchise. My reasons were:

  • By 2009's close we'd finally know if we actually had a franchise QB in Campbell.
  • We would need to have put in place a successor to what Gibbs was trying to establish (I thought it would be Williams.)
  • We'd finally start cutting loose the aging stars of Synder's 2003-2004 signings -- because their contracts were too expensive, and the players were at the end of their careers.
  • The quality of the 2008-2009 draftpicks would would reveal whether they could step in as replacements for the players being cut loose.

So while I suspected 2010 would be the day of reckoning for the offense --especially the O-line and QB --I never expected the meltdown situation we have today.

Consequently, I'm now going to have acknowledge that the Skins have some rebuilding to do, at least 2 years worth. And I realize I'll have to be patient to see if the new regime has a better strategy for rebuilding the team than that tired 'The Future Is Now' philosophy.

Returning to our glory years isn't going to happen with a spending spree on aging FAs; it's going to take a well-calcuated approach, based on a timed rebuilding of the the team, especially the offense.

And that kind calculated approach to rebuilding this team can't be compromised by measures governed by the urgency for obtaining 9 wins in the upcoming season, rather it will be based on first obtaining the talent needed be developed that can support the second phase of the rebuilding process, which in turn will be needed to third phase, etc.

Unfortunately "staying patient" with the rebuilding process, does not come naturally for us fans. It's hard to be patient with as the Redskins transition to greatness, when it's Dallas week and you want to really put down that 'Boyz' fan in your workplace who is talking all that trash.

But collectively, Skins fans do need to be patient and support the team during the painful parts of the team's rebuilding/transition phase. We don't need to force Snyder/Allen/Shanahan (SAS) into sacrificing the future for some immediate gratification. We need to be patient for at least 3 years, because at the end of this, the Skins will then be a consistently competitive top-tier team.

Sadly, the Washington media could never be that patient. They are always focused on the 'immediate' -- demanding top-tier results in the short run. But always thinking in the short-run is how GM and Chrysler floundered, and Toyota's long-term strategy prevailed.

So, in spite of the media, I'm going to try to 'stay patient' -- and give the new regime enough time to show what they can do. And that includes understanding that they probably won't draft the guys I wanted, or signed the folks I wanted.

....And as for that annoying 'Boyz' fan? -- I'll have faith that my revenge on him will be coming soon enough.

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