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WPC:Moss – Giants called out his routes


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Seems like Santana is saying here that the Skins don't really mix things up and bring surprises to each game whereas the Giants go the extra mile and add new twists to throw their opponents off.

We bring surprises what are you talking about? Like that swing man play wasn't a surprise haa.

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I kind of believe it, but part of me thinks it's just excuse making by Moss who doesn't want to admit how much he got outplayed, outhustled, and downright neutralized.

how is Moss making this an excuse when he also mentions that the Giants played harder and deserved to win?

on another note, didn't Lavar admit to giving them his copy of the Skins playbook? Since we are still running the same D, if thats true then they will forever have the leg up on this defense.

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Yes' date=' there are different things they can do to switch things up but football is really not as complicated as we like to believe. A good team can still execute plays most of the time even when the opponent knows what's coming...i.e. Gibbs 1 with the Hogs...

Stop making excuses.[/quote']

LOL, no kidding. In the '82 Championship, Grimm & Bostic were telling the Dallas DL exactly what play they were going to run and at whom (Randy White, of course). Now THAT'S execution.

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This is no shock, the Giants played us like a fiddle on both offense and defense which is because we have absolutely no one on this current coaching staff who is a top level coordinator. We were ill prepared and incapable of making any adjustments and it showed all night long, felt bad for the players the most who put their trust in their coaches and were set up to fail. We need a new motivated staff in here who are not only going to bust their asses preparing but are capable of making adjustments as the game dictates.

A - freakin - men! I couldn't have said it better myself...

Yeah. Plus, we don't allow Campbell to call audibles, which is just dumb.

It's very dumb...I mean you tell the QB that you want him to be the leader on the field etc then you handcuff him by not allowing him to get out of bad plays or adjust to what he sees the D doing on the field. Then when the play gets stuffed or the O as a whole plays poorly he gets all the blame...

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Great gameplanning by our genius coach.

you got that right. that's why they brought in sherm to call plays.

Zorn thinking up game plans:

let me see here, 0 x 0 = 0. yeah, that's the ticket. takes care of the first half.

now let's see. swinging gate. ok, that takes care of special teams.

now if i could just figure out the second half and the two minute drill i'd have this coaching stuff down pat.


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