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Mike Shannahan as OC with the 49ers


What we lack-Swagger-listen to the part near the end.


Top Draft Steals


Terrell Davis highlights:

Rod Smith Highlights:


Brandon Marshall Highlights:


Eddie Royal Highlights


Peyton Hillis FB

rookie Fullback whos making a huge impact on a team that is decimated by injuries but still finding a way to execute and win...Peyton Hillis is a skilled blocker...powerful runner...and dangerous

I left out portis because we know what he was like in Denver.

CBS Sports talk Redskins, New GM, Shanahan & Jason Campbell

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I love an offensive coordinator who will tell his QB he should have scored the 14 points that was left on the field, when they finished the game with 56 points. Especially when this comment was made after winning the Super Bowl.

This is why I want Shannahan leading our team, he will nail the coffin shut on a team he has by the throat, something we didn't do this season that literally cost us the division title dayum it :mad:

Great thread TopDogg :point2sky

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One thing Shannahan knows for sure is offense, and you know he'd be bringing Kyle with him, who's turned that Houston offense into something special.

If we have someone else handling the personnel so we can maintain our level of defense, I really have to think that Shanny could make the 'Skins a contender again. Just don't expect it to happen right away.

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Also one of the positives in getting him would be taking him away from the cowboys, because frankly I think he's the exact type of coach the cowboys need..not that he's not gonna be a good coach for us too...but I'd personally be scared ****less if he ended up with the boys..

I think we got him locked up though..along with his son as OC

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I love the quote Steve Young said. Him and Shannahan went through 300 formations...Shannahan told him to do it again. Then when he finished he tells Young "We're gonna kill 'em" I don't think we've had that mindset before going into a game in a long time.

Ya but we still managed to stay medium :doh:

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I do not think Shannahan is a bad choice. But, I think regardless of how reputable our head coach may be, that head coach will have a mess of a franchise to repair in 2010, and Dan Snyder's level of involvement is still in question.

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