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  1. PlayAction

    The current status of the Redskins o-line.

    Not to beat a dead horse but the Skins had a bust of three first round picks and one second round pick caused by one QB. If the bust was only one first round pick then three high picks could have helped the OL and WR core.
  2. PlayAction

    The current status of the Redskins o-line.

    We knew the OL was in a precarious state before Trent Williams' holdout. Skins were going to try out Flowers at Guard but my expectation was that he was just camp fodder. No way that they put him at LT considered he busted so many times there before. Geron Christian was drafted as a long term project - he was athletic and has the right build but was not strong enough. Unfortunately, he looked terrible in preseason and then was injured so it's unlikely we will see a significant improvement. Chase gets the job done and isn't constantly injured so that's a big plus on this team. Scherff will get the job done but he will always be criticized because of the high draft pick that they used. It's hard to knock Moses because he's always injured and plays through the pain. That may be better than a TE on the team but it's not good enough. The irony is that the Skins OL is very highly paid compared to other teams but can't get the job done consistently because of wear and tear and gaping weak links. Skins need a rebuild of the OL like what they did for the Dline. But they are short a second round pick next year (and have many other needs) AND will still be paying Alex Smith's contract. We are back in a mini cap hell and short on draft picks. Deja vu. I am hopeful that one of the two OL draft picks will start at LG. The other will turn out to be quality depth this year and ready perhaps to take over at C or G the following year. Christian will step up this year and demonstrate that he is a viable option to start the following year. I know I am being greedy but I'm optimistic about the scouting department now.
  3. The Skins already have a deal they want and Williams wanted. Prior to the draft we had already considered trading Williams or moving him to LG. Many fans were hoping to draft a Tackle to be next in line when Williams would be out for several games (as usual). Not his fault but only a fool would plan on him playing 16 games
  4. Skins aren't going to contend for anything this year unless it's a fluke with Case Keenum. So if Trent Williams is not going to play then it may be time to bite the bullet and clear out some old veterans. Btw - someone suggested having Scherff play Tackle - he couldn't make it at RT so there's no hope for him at LT. Keenum is more mobile than Haskins and the Skins need to protect Haskins from repeated hits in the pocket. Haskins can sit. Maybe the Skins can get a 2nd round pick to replace the one they used on Sweat.
  5. Well if he actually asked for a trade then I would say trade him. His agent must feel he has maximum leverage since the Skins are short on Tackles. His current annual pay may be less than the newest contracts but he has missed a lot of games on his current contract. His agent knows that Trent's likelihood of getting another big contract is going to be much lower in two years.
  6. PlayAction

    How's the Redskins Roster shaping up?

    Exactly. He has to earn his pay and he'll be given every opportunity to do just that. Skins are more likely to get the most out of Richardson if they keep him clean. That is, don't call plays for him to catch passes in the middle where he will take hits from LBs and bigger safeties. Just stretch the field and let the bigger, and less injury prone, WRs make their living by moving the chains.
  7. Elite rookie QBs often have a poor win-loss record off the bat. They are learning and the team often isn't that good. I really don't care what the record is as long as the Skins do their best to develop DH. If that means starting him game 1 to boost him up the learning curve then good. If instead the coaches feel he should sit for half the season then that's fine too. The only reason to select another QB next year is if it's obvious that DH is not going to be able to become a long term starter for the Skins. I don't think the Skins will know for sure in just one year. If we wanted an "elite QB" from next year's class we should have passed on DH this year. I'm hopeful but keeping expectations tempered.
  8. PlayAction

    WR Cam Sims 2019 Campaign

    It is too early to assume anything but Trey Quinn did produce before his injury (not after his return but he was still injured). Quinn is quick at 200lbs. I'd rather have him at slot than Richardson or Steven Sims in the 170lb range. Richardson did well at the Z last year so why switch? McLaurin could spell Richardson at the Z. Harmon could try to play the big slot and X. Doctson can try to produce more at X. Cam Sims is 6'5" and can block and Davis is big. But these guys are going to have to produce on special teams or they won't make the roster.
  9. Doctson is never going to be the #1 that we had all envisioned. He may catch more balls with a QB that is willing to take risks with jump balls but IMO he will always be the side show rather than the go-to guy. I think Richardson will be more likely to stay healthy if they don't force him to take too many passes over the middle. He can't take a pounding. Fortunately Harmon can now be the move-the-chains guy on the team. Let's hope that Quinn turns into the steal from last year's draft. So that leaves McLaurin - - - I think paired with speedy Richardson he should have more of an impact on the offense as long as the QB shows that he can deliver the long ball with some consistency.
  10. PlayAction

    Welcome to the Redskins Wes Martin OL Indiana

    "Wes Martin is limited athletically and fits a power-scheme". If that's a correct assessment of his abilities and best fit, how does that affect what the Skins can, or should do, with their OL blocking? From Shanahan to now the Skins have often favored athletic linemen over power blockers. The Skins OL, when healthy, does everything but not everything well. Will they have to reduce their reliance on wide zone run schemes? How will Martin affect the screen game?
  11. PlayAction


    Good. I hope he can carve out a new career for himself.
  12. PlayAction

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    Hopefully Haskins with a year of study under his belt will be better than, or at least as good as, the next year rookie QBs class. Otherwise the Skins should not have picked him. But there's no use is speculating at this point.
  13. PlayAction

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    In the sixth round the expectations are lower - if Harmon is a productive move-the-chains type for the Skins then the pick will go down as one of the better ones in this draft.
  14. PlayAction

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    I was looking at the Bleacher Report Matt Miller day 3 predictions. I don't care so much for his Redskin ideas but I was more interested in the player rankings of who would likely be selected before the Skins pick. Would you trade UP from pick 112 to get either WR Kelvin Harmon or Riley Ridley in the 4th round? For pick 131, he has the Skins selecting David Long LB from West Virginia while Beau Benzschawel OG was still on the board. Then in the 5th he has the Skins picking Elijah Holyfield RB from Georgia. I'd rather the Skins pick David Sills WR, Isaac Nauta TE Georgia, or Dru Samia OG.
  15. PlayAction

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    I think you are spot on with your assessment. Keenum-Colt may be yawn but they can play under center and run the staples of Gruden's offense, e.g., bootlegs. Haskins seems to be cut from a different cloth. Haskins may sit the first year while Gruden plays out his contract. Perhaps Snyder was planning on a new HC anyways. But, if so, I don't know why you wouldn't just draft a rookie QB the following year. If the Skins had picked Sweat at 15 (still good value ) then Haskins cost a second this year and a second next year. I guess that's ok too. My objection is picking players that don't best suit what your coach is trying to do. If Kyle Smith made the decision then great. But Bruce Allen/Snyder? No way - not even if it eventually pans out for the team. As much as I like Sweat, the Skins are going to miss on some coveted WRs and G prospects. WR, G or TE for the two third round picks. Skins are going to have some glaring holes unless they luck out.