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  1. I'd like for Kerrigan to have an opportunity to win somewhere before his career is over. A 3rd or 4th round pick would be useful in a deep WR class.
  2. 20 years of frustration and no one is sure whether Snyder blew another first round pick. I'm hopeful that he was just drafted too high. No one would complain if he was drafted in the second round and learning behind a true starter.
  3. Skins drafted a QB in the first round with minimal starts in college. I agree that Haskins is a project but don't understand why you think he will never be a consistent NFL QB. With time to develop he might become quite good. He's not the problem. The problem is the Skins decision makers that thought he could play right away.
  4. PlayAction

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Christmas wish list: 1. Haskins shows enough potential that the Skins don't need to use a first round pick on another QB. 2. Snyder fixes the front office and hires/promotes a true football operations guy. 3. Some team that's not too far behind the Skins decides they need to trade up with the Skins to take a QB. Skins use the additional draft picks to acquire players as good as the 2019 draft. 4, Skins pick up a TE in free agency (not a star but one that can block and is a reasonable option in the passing game). 5. I win the lottery even though I don't buy a ticket.
  5. PlayAction

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Perhaps he got bad advice from his agent. Trent holds out for half the season; says he won't ever play for the team; and at the last minute tries to salvage some money by showing up but head discomfort will prevent him from playing. How did he expect the Skins to react? To pay him? I have no problem with the Skins doing whatever it takes to maximize the value they get in a trade. The Skins need to fix their own house but Trent Williams isn't part of that house anymore so who cares?
  6. PlayAction

    Next Coach?

    If Snyder were to trade away draft picks to get a HC it would be the last nail in the coffin. Just box up your Redskins memorabilia and put it away in the attic.
  7. PlayAction

    Next Coach?

    I don't want Allen to start the process. Snyder needs to hire, or promote, someone else to GM. The GM then should hire his own guy as coach - someone who shares the same philosophy of building a team. I'm tired of Allen picking the assistant coaches for the HC or Snyder signing free agents that don't fit the scheme. If the new HC is a scheme coach then the player acquisition group must focus only on the appropriate players. No more of the "here's a really good player that can do so many things" and then he's put in a position the minimizes his unique talents because the team doesn't have the ability for all other players on defense to adjust. Every fan would like to have truly flexible HC, OC and DC for the Skins. I don't think that's likely to happen. There's enough on the defense for a quality DC to work with. Offense is another matter. The GM has to build around Haskins' strengths if he's convinced that Haskins has a good chance to become a starting QB. IMO a north south offense (noted by Koolblue13) is probably a better fit for Haskins than the WCO.
  8. PlayAction

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Is Haskins suited to the WCO or is a new coach likely to change the offensive style? The knock on Haskins has been his accuracy (a key requirement for a WCO QB). It's interesting that Trey Quinn's production has vanished under Haskins (his throws are not on the mark). If Haskins is better slinging it on intermediate and long routes how does that affect the personnel on Offense? For example, WRs must have a wide catch radius; demonstrated ability to track the ball in flight; and good at fighting for possession on contested catches. I'm thinking the Skins wind up dropping a lot of the WCO approach and go old school with a strong running game combined with the deep ball.
  9. PlayAction

    In what way is Kyle Smith GM material

    I don't think Schaeffer has been involved in any of the drafts so I agree with your concerns. I am not sure about Santos. The Skins have been notoriously bad at free agent signings. Not the cheap guys obtained mid-year but the big name free agents that are supposed to be the "fix". Those big signings may not be his fault. Still, I'm not willing to take the chance. I would rather have Smith.
  10. PlayAction

    In what way is Kyle Smith GM material

    Good question. I don't think the Skins should make any decisions based on the desire to excite the fans. But Smith would do that IMO. Of course, it's possible a completely different GM would keep them both in their current positions.
  11. PlayAction

    In what way is Kyle Smith GM material

    All of the issues you identified are examples of the long term issue for the team. The bone-headed decisions happen over and over because the Skins have lacked a quality GM and no one has been able to keep Snyder (or those trying to please him) from acting on ill thought out whims. The last two drafts have been great IMO. Take a look at NE or any of the other top teams and you will see that they often miss on 50% of the picks.
  12. PlayAction

    In what way is Kyle Smith GM material

    On the other hand, the inside guys of quality already know what needs to be fixed. Snyder needs to keep the football guys and get rid of the name-sakes from the Skins glory years. Promoting Kyle Smith to Director of Player Personnel would be a natural progression. But if he's great at that role then it will be difficult to retain him because other teams will want him as GM. Schaeffer is the contracts guy and I believe highly respected but I'm not sure whether he has any experience building a roster.
  13. PlayAction

    Next Coach?

    I'm not saying to hire Casserly as the GM but would you rather Casserly help Snyder or no one? I think Casserly is aware of the talent because he is respected in the NFL. The alternative is Snyder deciding the management structure and personnel on a whim and we have seen how that turned out with his free agent acquisitions and draft picks.
  14. PlayAction

    Next Coach?

    He hired God Emperor coaches in the past (Schottenheimer and Shanahan) and then found a way to undermine them or fire them outright. Snyder needs to let the Tampa Bay contingent go and then see whether he has the replacement already in-house. Unfortunately, Snyder has proven to be an extremely poor judge of talent. If he had hired Beathard to help him find his first GM the trajectory of the franchise might have been completely different. The Skins have had talent in the front office and assistant coaches but they've all gone on to bigger and better things. So my hope is that he hires Casserly as a consultant in his GM search. Casserly will know where to look for the up-and-coming GM.
  15. I hope the Skins get a new GM that thinks like you so that they maximize the value for the team. Skins are getting a lot of film on their young WRs. Hopefully a new GM can get a good read on what each of them can do and which ones are in the "just a guy" category. Most rookie WRs are not expected to produce much in year 1 so the existing WR core is likely to have to carry the Skins another year if they don't pick up an immediate star. A good TE would help everyone out but the Skins may have to fill that need in free agency and their free agent track record is atrocious.