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  1. I think he meant the only OL players that the Skins selected in the first round.
  2. I'd love to see the WFT invest some more in the trenches to get the OL settled long term. Let the draft pick compete with S. Charles, C. Lucas and G. Christian. Ideally the rookie starts; S. Charles is an upgrade at G (with future potential at T) and Cornelius Lucas is the reliable swing tackle. I have no faith in Geron Christian. Schweitzer can at least be the quality backup. Better pass protection will open up some more downfield passes. Christensen and Darrisaw may both be available at 19. Which do you like better for the WFT?
  3. For some reason I thought Mcloughlan (spelling) had a hand in the 2017 draft but he was fired in March. It's hard to tell from the outside (especially with this organization) who is responsible for the successful picks and for the busts.
  4. No that's not what I'm saying. The past player is an example. Saying the third round pick is worth say 200pts in the trade is meaningless in isolation. The third round pick is high enough that you will know the likely players to be available. The team can decide whether it will chose to present an offer based upon which players they would want if the trade wasn't consummated. If it's just a mathematical transaction it's easy to say Pitts is a great player so let's get him for xxx points. But it's different when you say here are the two players i don't get in order to acquire Pitts.
  5. I realize we don't have the value of hindsight when you give up the pick. But the facts don't support your position. A first round pick has a greater or lesser value depending on the players available. It's not entirely selection order specific
  6. We will have to disagree. The hit rate odds don't take into account the depth of any year's draft. Since the front office can model down to the third round they know which players. Btw If you have a problem with mansplaining you are on the wrong forum
  7. You are giving up an actual player when you trade a draft pick. When you give up that third round draft pick you should have an idea which players may be available in the 3rd round. Sometimes higher rated players slip further than you expect. You are giving up your rights to a quality player when you trade the draft pick. Which one? Which position? You don't know but you expect that it's a quality player in the 3rd round. I'm not interested in counting the number of points for the 19th pick and the third round pick. If the draft is deep at WR then you likely will have quality WRs availa
  8. My point is that you would not have been able to use that 3rd round pick on Mclauren. We had the same issue with the Sweat trade - it was great in the draft but next year you knew what the team had given up in the trade. If Vinny were still running the show, I would agree with you. But if you have a quality scouting department you are going to pick up some good players with the draft picks in rounds 3-7. Obviously you don't hit a home run with every one but the team isn't going to have as many busts as during the last 20 years. The Skins' front office was incomp
  9. Would you trade your first round pick at 19 plus McLauren to get Pitts? If not, maybe re-think what that 3rd round pick really represents.
  10. Watching last weekend's playoff games may give fans a different perspective on the readiness of the WFT to compete at that level. Upgrading the talent level is a must but I'm leery of bringing in super-expensive stars to fill needs. My hope is for reasonable contracts and more "prove it" acquisitions to maintain the blue collar attitude being developed by Rivera and Del Rio. It's going to be an interesting offseason - hopefully of substance rather than headlines.
  11. The Dline really wasn't able to pressure Brady. Somehow the Saints are getting the job done
  12. I don't see the point in drafting a QB as the starter unless the team has all the pieces in place to help him be successful. The team needs to add at least one other proven productive WR, a TE, and improve pass protection (LT?). A better running game would also be a plus. I would pass on a rookie with only one year experience until the 3rd or later rounds as he's going to have to sit for a couple of years to develop anyway.
  13. Lol. Brain fart. Happens sometimes before finishing the coffee. Steve Montez obviously.
  14. IMO the team needs to keep 3 QBs going forward. Kyle Allen doesn't need to be healed by mini-camp - but he does need to compete during preseason. He's a cheap #2 that knows, and can execute, the system. Montez Sweat goes on the practice squad.
  15. I think the idea was to draft a guard instead of paying a fortune for Scherff. It's something to consider. S. Charles can play Guard if he's healthy but the team had been grooming him for LG. If he's an upgrade over Schweitzer then great - the team upgrades the starter and backup positions. Or, perhaps he's athletic enough to fill the RG position. I'd like Cornelius Lucas to be the quality swing Tackle going forward so I agree that a Tackle might be a higher value pick.
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