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  1. Trade talk already in the press. Sigh. That would make Snyder responsible for a total draft bust of four first round picks and two second round picks for QBs. Most of them high in the round.
  2. Sucks for Ioannidis but the team knows he can play and will be in their long-term plans. Now it's time to evaluate Settle, Anderson and whomever they bring up from the practice squad. It will be interesting. Best case, the team upgrades the backups and can trade some DL talent in the offseason for help in other areas of the team.
  3. Schottenheimer set about changing the culture and got canned after one year. All the other coaches drank the Kool-Aid and pretended they could be competitive with an 8-8 quality team. Finally Rivera comes and sets about changing the culture and is using his first season to determine which players are keepers and which ones need to go. Three games into the season fans are ready to bail out. Unbelievable.
  4. I don't think we will see Allen or Smith at any point in the season unless Haskins gets injured. The win/loss record doesn't matter for the team long-term so it's better to be able to make a definitive conclusion on Haskins. The WFT has one more year of Smith on a cheap contract so they can either use him as a stop-gap or trade him. Or, Allen can fill that role until the team finds a suitable replacement in the draft. If Haskins doesn't pan out he gets relegated to backup or whatever the WFT can get in a trade. The team really needs to win the off-season...Gawd!
  5. We don't know what Allen can do but I'm pretty sure Rivera has a good idea.
  6. I'm not interested in another one-and-done attempt at temporary low-level success. Haskins is a Snyder mistake - picked way too high given his readiness to play in the NFL. Sound familiar? It is what it is and the coaches have to make do. We have all season for a proper evaluation of Haskin's talent and progress. The team can decide at the end of the season what to do.
  7. He played Right Tackle. Where would you fit him in? Considering his age and history are you thinking a one-year deal while the existing young OL get more development time?
  8. It's a poor highlight reel but that's the XFL - all of the WRs ran their routes, turned around and waited for the ball to be thrown to them - - the QB never attempted any passes to hit WRs in stride. Badet has speed and is the size of DeShaun Jackson. If he can be coached up to take the top off of the defense then it will be a good pickup. Risk is zero and he should be able to play special teams as a punt returner. If he turns out to be an upgrade over the current #4-#5 WR then it's a win.
  9. Fans are always quick to trade picks but then come draft time they lament the lost opportunities (Sweat trade - most recently). Plus, we never know how valuable the traded pick will be. If the WFT (WTF!!!) does poorly as usual the pick selection is high in the specific round. How many times have we all wished that the team had been able to pick just five slots higher? If the team goes for Robinson I hope they negotiate his new deal up front and the trade involves a swap of players rather than a draft pick (obviously a player that the team really doesn't need).
  10. Never! The hex against the former team has been lifted. Second round picks are now, and forever more, going to be treated like the gold that they are for building the long-term success of the team. Odell is good but he's not young and good. Rivera knows what the team needs but he's not going to throw away building blocks for one player. They presented a huge free agent contract to one WR and couldn't get him to sign. That's ok.
  11. Yep, it's the same problem he had all last year. I don't want to get down on Haskins but we will know by the end of the season whether he's able to step up. He's going to do his best and should improve with all the repetitions. If he can't fix his accuracy issues though I think the team will have to move on. The scouts knew Haskins was not NFL ready and the prior coaching regime bluntly acknowledged that in their exit interviews. For the rest of us, hind-sight is always 20-20. In the perfect world the Skins would have drafted Haskins in the 3rd round; penciled him in as a backup; and
  12. Victory covers up the stink of mistakes. Good game for new coaching regime trying to get it done without the benefit of a preseason. Biggest positives IMO - 1) coaches demonstrated an ability to adjust IN_GAME!; 2) coaches are putting players in position to succeed; 3) the DL shows signs that it will be elite (I understand that the Eagles OL wasn't a good test but still...). This season is a transition year with the new players learning to buy in to the new way of doing things. I'm optimistic because of the coaching staff rather than the performance of any particular players. Haskins will
  13. Defenses will be stacking the box for the frequent dump offs to RBs. If these RBs can break through the crowd it should be wide open for some long runs. I hope all the RBs have a wide catch radius...i don't recall Haskins being able to put it on the money last year.
  14. Trey Quinn doesn't have the burst and shiftiness of Steven Sims. However, his performance while on the field was far better when he had a good QB throwing to him. I'm not going to write him off just yet because fans did the same with Ionnidis and he turned into a keeper.
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