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Wassup True Believers of the Maroon and Yellow *snickering*

10 years!! This has been one crazy arse decade for our Washington Redskins. As the year and the decade draw to a close, I wanted you guys thoughts as to what was your best and worst moments of the team.

Best Moments -

The 2000 Season when we signed every available free agent known to man. I actually thought this was going to be our year for a fourth Super Bowl. (like the Ol Ball Coach said "Hindsight is 50/50")

Santana Moss two late TD's in beating Dallas.

Moss' OT TD to beat Jacksonville (that was a great game).

The Return of Joe Gibbs

Art Monk and Darrell Green entering the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Redskins go up 28-0 against Dallas at Halftime on the way to a 35-7 mugging.

Gregg Williams sending out 10 players in honor of Sean Taylor

Worst Moments -

The Death of Sean Taylor

Norv Turner, Marty Schottenheimer, Terry Robiskie, Steve Spurrier, Joe Gibbs, Jim Zorn

Vinny Cerrato is still with the team

Stephen Davis fumbled against Dallas on MNF. Dallas scores to beat us 13-10.

Throwing away draft picks and signing overpaid and under producing players.

Shaun Suisham missing a 23 yard FG against New Orleans

Gus Freotte slamming his head into the wall against the Giants after scoring a TD. (Gains a concussion and we wind up with a tie).

I could go on and on but I gotta leave SOMETHING for y'all. Enjoy.

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Good thread idea Oxon..

Hmmm, lets see here..


The magic that was '05. Sadly, its the best Redskins team I've been around to know.

The '04 team. The record certainly didn't show, but we were one tough team that year. After you played us, you felt it the next day.


Sean's passing :(

Let down's in '06, '08 and now '09 after showing such promise the year before. Except this year I guess.

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Best individual moments:

-Santana's 2nd td vs. Dallas in 05

-Tony Banks sealing the victory over Philly, November '01, to go 5-5

-Portis td on first Redskins carry in '04

-Collins to Moss td, December '07

-Sean Taylor fumble return td vs. Philly, '05 season

Worst individual moments

-McNabb faking out Carrier in '00

-Eddie Murray's fg falling short vs. NYG in '00

-Davis' fumble vs. Dallas in '01

-Davis getting revenge on us in '03 even though he fumbled

-Jeff Fisher V formation in '06

-Suisham wide left in playoffs

-Pittsburgh fans invading

-Moore getting punked by Meacham

Its been a bad decade, folks

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How could you say signing all those free agents in 2000 was one of the best moments when it turned out to be a huge mistake?

Also, I would argue the Shottenheimer signing was one of the better moments...he had the team headed in the right direction. The firing of Shotty by Synder, IMO, turned out to be one of the worst decisionsof the decade. I wonder how many playoff appearances were lost because of that decision?

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Best moments for me are easily the following 3:

2000 draft day: Drafting LaVar and Chris

I was never more thrilled on draft day than I was that day.

January 2004:

The day that the news broke that Joe Gibbs was coming back was one of the great days. I felt like we just won the Super Bowl.

2005 Playoff run:

It felt like old times those few weeks back in December 2005/January 2006. Big games with playoff implications that we actually won and did not fold.

As for worst, there are just too many to choose from.

I'd say the entire decade is a "worst" with only a choice sprinkle of good things to select.

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5-0 run to end season in 2005 and make playoffs

Portis for Bailey

4-0 run in 2007 to honor ST and make the playoffs

Beating Dallas in 2002 to break 10 game losing streak

Beating Dallas twice in 2005 (with Mon night miracle)

Beating Dallas on late FG in 2006

beating Dallas 27-6 in 2007

Beating Dallas in Dallas in 2008

Beating Dallas in 2009* (hopefully)

JAX OT win in 2006

Arrington INT for TD vs. Carolina in 2001

HOF's Monk & Green


Trung Canidate over Stephen Davis


Davis Fumble vs. Dallas

2006 (minus JAX & Dallas games)




Choosing Vinny over Greg Williams

Starting 6-2 and finishing 8-8 in 2008




Passing up Brees in 2006

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Destroying Dallas 35-7 and starting a late playoff push

Honorable mention:

Going into Minnesota with Todd Collins as QB and surprising the Vikings in 2007


Death of Sean Taylor

Honorable Mention: Tie

Cincinatti game last year and Detroit game this year when you realized Zorn is not the answer at coach and your stuck with a lame duck as coach.

Hopefully 2010-2019 Will be better

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They say save the best for last, so worst first:

Sean's death

Musical coaches


Musical QB's, especially Spurrier's Florida rejects

Every Dallas loss










Joe coming back

Drafting Sean

every Dallas win, especially the Monday Night miracle

Playoff run in 06

Sean's fumble recoveries & returns for TD's in 05 and the blocked FG recovery against Dallas

Art & DG getting in the Hall

And the list of hopeful best things yet to come:

A beatdown of the Cowturds in a few weeks

Vinny getting fired

Vinny getting fired

Vinny getting fired

Vinny getting fired

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besides the obvious. This is what I got


Lavars pick six vs Carolina in 2001

SKins beating Dallas at home in 2007 to make playoffs

Taylors Fumble return for TD vs Philly and TB in playoffs

Albert Connels I think 200 yard recieving game vs Jax.

Clinton Portis first run as a skin


The playoff loss to TB in 2000, the missed FG

Loss to TB in 2006 Alstott did not get in

9-7 loss on MNF at Dallas

the 13-10 loss at Dallas in Gibbs first year back thanks to Crayton

the 6-7 loss to dallas this year

the 36-0 shutout at the giants after their owner past away.

Being shutout at home vs Dallas in 03-04

The 0-5 start in Martys season

Former players Brad Johnson and Stephen Davis coming home to beat us.

The carolina loss this year

The home loss to Gb in 04-05 the portis TD called back that would have given us the lead late.

THe LT touchdown as SD beat us in overtime 23-17 in OT in 05-06

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