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The Only Thing Dumber Than the Redskins FO? The "Fan Revolt" Reaction...


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Fed Ex was a ****hole right from the get go and I can't place that blame on Snyder, but he has done NOTHING to enhance the gameday experience.

Sure he has. He added 20,000+ seats so we can have more 'home' fans around to cheer - you know, for HOME field advantage:silly:! He increased ticket prices to one of the highest in the league. He created the 'silver spoon' express lanes in and out of FedEx for the Suite holders, and he forced everyone to move to the back of the lots for Tailgating while shrinking the Green lot over the past two years. He also replaces the light bulbs in the light brite whenever they blow out; I heard he does it personally!


Can we trade owners for Steve Bisciotti? Seriously......

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It's not like Dan Snyder thinks the fans love what he's doing and will only get the message we're upset if we walk out, boo, don't show, etc.. He knows it already.
Hey Kleese. George Michael said recently that Snyder has no idea that his approach isn't working. Also despite the losing record since he has been here Snyder has also said “I feel very, very comfortable over the last four years that it's been working in terms of the front office and I'm a believer that if it ain't broke, don't fix it."
I am a fan of the Washington Redskins. The fandom of the organization as a whole goes well beyond any player, coach, or owner. The Redskins as an institution are something I love much more than I hate Snyder.
This is a sentiment I share also.


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with all due respect...you are the one who doesn't get it. or, rather, you are looking at the world through your own rose colored glasses.

you have advanced a basic value proposition: I go to the games because all the peripheral stuff is fun...it has value to you. ok. I undertand that.

what you aren't willing to accept is that others have different value systems and approaches to life - among which excellence, performance, results matter. yours is not the only approach. yours is not the only relevant value system.

and I disagree on the fans lacking influence. empty seats - lots of empty seats - have influenced every sports franchise for time immemorial.

Influenced them how? To spend money? Danny already does that. To get high profile coaches and players? Danny already does that.

Again, it all boils down to what exactly are the fans trying to accomplish-- because anything short of convincing him to sell the team is an exercise in futility.

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Your post makes no sense...

You say that the only thing dumber than the Redskins FO is fans revolting. This means you think it is not SMART or does not make SENSE for fans to revolt. Yet your argument is your emotional devotion to the team regardless of players, coaches, even owners. That makes no sense. What does make sense is for someone to not want to pay money towards something that gives no reward. Its logical.

So why then do you question fans intelligence instead of their emotional commitment?

Makes no sense...

You misunderstood me. I think it's perfectly fine to choose not to spend time or money on the Redskins-- no problem with that at all. I just scoff at the notion that organized protests are going to actually get the fans what they want-- because no one can seem to agree exactly what that is.

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If Snyder fired Vinny, and hired a guy who's respected around the league as a front office guy. Then if Snyder flat out said "This guy has all control.....its his front office to run. He will choose the coaching staff and determine who stays and who goes. I will no longer have day to day business with the team"

That would go a LONG way.

Snyder only has on play left to make.

Its handing off day to day operations.

I just don't see Danny making that kind of public statement. Just not gonna happen-- even if he's hit in the wallet by the fans. The losing and fan unrest may certainly contribute to changes at Redskin Park--- but I have serious doubts as to whether those will be the kind of changes we need/want.

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