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The missing ingredient is Sean Taylor (MET)


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... pray to sean...

Sorry young guns, I know you're 19 and know everything but as someone who has been to war twice and was a first responder when Katrina made landfall in New Orleans, I unapologetically elevate the standards of what a "hero" is. People who have done things for this country your uneducated mind could never imagine- not for the millions of dollars or for the fan glory, but because it had to be done. As a redskins fan, I loved watching Sean but lets keep life in perspective. He was an above average NFL safety PERIOD.

You represent a lot of what is wrong with our country today, I really think your post should be sent every professional athlete who doesn't feel like they need to do a better job setting an example.

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Our defense misses him absolutely, its funny bc I thought Landry would pick up the slack from where ST left off... He's not even close, in fact I think Horton and Doughty are out best safeties right now.

its crazy to think about what we had with Landry and ST though... Sean left at the top of his game. I dont think its fair to say he was the best, but had he continued in 2007 I think he would have changed a lot of peoples minds about him as a player and a man.

When things get tough the only thing to do sometimes is think about when it was good. props to the OP for bringing up a huge part of what this team is missing now. Unfortunately we cant change a darn thing about it.

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I agree with the sentiment of the OP. I've never been a huge fan of Miami (FL), but after watching Sean Taylor, play, I watched games just to see what he did. That guy played with more guts than anyone I remember seeing in recent memory, and he earned my respect and admiration. When the Skins drafted him I was jumping up and down excited. The guy had that intangible that is so hard to find it seems.

Man I miss him too. He was my favorite player on the team.

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