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Venting about Dish Network


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Last night my hard drive died on my 622 dual-tuner HD DVR and it had an error and said to unplug it for a minute then plug it back in. I did and it never came back on, it’s completely dead. I spent an hour on the phone with dish and after telling them I could have directtv there by the time they could get me a new receiver, they offered to waive the $15 shipping fee(which I told them was BS anyway) and credit my account for this month’s programming(I pay about $100 with all the extras added on). So I had to move my old single tv/non-HD/non-DVR receiver from the bedroom to the living room.

As if I wasn’t pissed off at the world by then, the skins game was blacked out for me on CSN-MA. So I was able to watch up the redskins pregame show and it worked until kickoff then said blacked out in your area. HOW? It’s not like I’m gonna fly to Jacksonville to buy a ticket because you blacked me out. There’s no reason they shouldn’t make this available If I’m paying for the damn channel. Why would Comcast even have it on if they are apparently blacked out nationwide? **Someone please explain this to me**

I checked my dish account online and the tracking # says it was sent out 2 day air but isn’t scheduled to be here til Tuesday due to the holiday.

So now I have to watch the first weekend of College football in SD,no DVR,no 2 games on split screen etc.

BTW my dad is on his 4th 622 receiver. His first was DOA while the installer was there, his 2nd died like mine, his 3rd was DOA and his 4th is still running.

If mine is DOA Tuesday I'm calling direct and asking for a free trial of Sunday ticket to be setup before sunday.

Thanks for reading.:mad:

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I've never had a problem with Dish Net. Commiecast Sucks Net blacked out the game last night. I contacted someone with DirecTV and someone with Commiecast, it was blacked out on all three providers. So that wasn't Dish Net's fault. As for customer service, it's non-existant these days. You pretty much have to mention the competitors name to get what you want.

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I have Dish and like the picture better than cable but don't like that I can't get local channels in HD...can't watch Skins games in HD. I am tempted to go over to cable to get the games in HD.

Have you checked their website recently? My locals converted over to HD about 2 months ago.

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Sorry to hear you are having problems, chasefan31.

I was thinking of upgrading to HD but you are not the only one I have heard that has had some problems with the HD boxes.

I feel your pain.

Dish Network sucks.

Oh really.

I have had Dish for over 8 years and have had great service from them.

I don't have the HD boxes, but the SD ones I have have been great.

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