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Carlos Rogers = The New Shawn Springs


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Im being overly general but the main point should be understood

Teams with WEAK pass rushes PLAY OFF and ZONE more ( see Redskins, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Kansas City) sidenote: playing off doesnt mean your in zone, and playing press doesnt mean your in man

Teams with STRONG pass rushes PLAY MORE PRESS and MAN (see Eagles, Titans, Ravens, Steelers, Jets)

Reason being when you are UNABLE to pressure the QB or rush his throws, it is a ton easier to tell a guy cover an area than a man, and to give him the structural advantage of not getting beat deep

Imagine having to cover a man all across the field for 5-7 secs a play in man? In about the late 2nd early 3rd, your going to see Long bombs consistently

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Sigh. This ignorance really frustrates the hell out of me. Rogers, along with every other corner in the NFL, is told when to jam receivers at the line and when to provide a cushion. Normally, it has something to do with how much help he has behind him from the safeties. If this was Rogers choice, and he really is just being a skirt and scared of being burnt, don't you think Coach Blache, or any other NFL coach for that matter, would simply say "Carlos, stop providing the cushion and get you ass on the line". It would be OVER with one film review if what he was doing was wrong. Every step of every play is broken down repeatedly on tape. Those of you that think he is doing this by his own choice and just blatantly disregarding the way he is supposed to do it are completely ludicrous.

Also, look at the numbers. Not tackles or interceptions, but the succession rate of throwing at Carlos Rogers. It is in the top 10 of the league, PERIOD.


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