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Cowboys Hutchinson Sent to Mental Asylum

Starting job in jeopardy

By Mark Maske

Washington Post Staff Writer

Thursday, June 19, 2003; Page D21

After several weeks of offseason training and mincamps it has been determined that quarterback Chad Hutchinson of the Dallas Cowboys is "mentally unfit" to play football right now.

"I had a feelin' that boy was a retard," Newly acquired head coach Bill Parcells said. "Something just wasn't right about him.

Hutchinson, a former baseball player, started nine games for Dallas. Finishing with a record of 2-7 over those nine games. Chad was the early favorite to win the starting job again this season, however, Quincy Carter has looked much improved this offseason. Hutchinson's current trouples all but eliminate him from starting competition.

"We're not looking to keep him in there for long. But, he may miss a week or so of training camp." Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said in a statement.

How Chad Hutchinson's mental relapse happened is still currently a mystery.

"He came to practice one day and looked real messed up. I asked him 'You ok man? You looked [expletive] up.' Then he started to mumble something. I just left him alone." fellow QB Quincy Carter explained.

Hutchinson was sent to the North Dallas Mental Institution two days later. Reports from the institution say that there has been little or no improvement in Hutchinson's condition.

When asked what will happen if his condition doesn't improve before the season starts, Bill Parcells explained "Well, we'll just have to see. I have no problems putting a retard in there. It'll be no difference if I put any of my other quarterbacks in. But we'll see."

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People dun sed that Ah looks like ah be-longs in Dallas!

Sheee-oot !! Ahs jes' don't know whuts they tawlkin' 'bout!



Chad becomes excited as he learns that this year he gets to be in on the Dallas training camp tradition of corn-holing the rookies.


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This just in from Cowboys camp; you can see the reaction here on Chad Hutchinson's face when at one of their minicamp practices, Bill Parcells revealed to Hutch that he is better suited to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader than the QB of the Cowboys. He took the news rather well thinking about how often he will get to look up their short skirts and the opportunity to catch them. Someone else will be throwing the cheerleaders though because Parcells told him he doesn't have a strong enough arm to throw the cheerleaders.

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