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ES Rap Battles: ROUND 2 The Mayor vs BD

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Buenez Diaz, stop right now kid, your gonna get merked

What you doing online, shouldnt you be at the 7/11, looking for work?

Rappings not your job, go pick some tomatoes, apples or peppers

Mayor of Fed ex Field, always been an over the line stepper

Go make me a taco, and hold the salsa

Ill take it any where kid, even your casa

Wants some more spanish,then thats what ill bring ya

Donde esta su madre, to chupa me pinga

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My bad shoulda gonna first, **** manners, I forgot the difference between a ***** and a lady

Minor of fedex When it comes to battles im like the second coming of slim shady

Truth be told if you wanna win this battle you better start creating acccounts

You gonna be sitting there bitter, shaking it off like who cares tailgate posts don’t count

You was an ES rapper? I don’t know how the hell you think you’re so nice

Back to the future sign on a few years ago and whoop your ass twice

To beat me I’ll give you a hint study my verses, **** it copy it, that’s what you should say

Here ill help you with the translation I’m ice cube and after these lines today was a good day

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Back to the futre? Were you even born when that was around

Ill be the libians okay doctor brown?

No wait you can be marty, is that cool brother?

Ill be biff, cause im ****ing your mother

Yeah i know im white, but im tight

and I just might punch your dad tonight

Oh wait, your spanish, so he probably left your mom

Ill look for him though, is it Jose or Juan?

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if that **** was tight i aint get it cuz no hablo ingles

tell me something is weird when you're buying a dress?

how many more jokes are you gonna make about me being spanish

come with me to langley park i bet all them jokes will vanish

my back aint wet like your neck aint red

so try another joke, maybe something people havent already said

you just got killed but its ok i heard people talking that this is just prose

either way your loved ones will mourn...let me go buy your boyfriend a rose

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Big mike is right, i go right for the throat

My ryhmes are like your family, fresh off the boat

You can fine me at Fed Ex with my MAYOR Replica

I think I just saw your dad driving a 1988 Celica

I get grimey, slimey I got the DTC Behind me

F51 Green lot, thats where you will find me

If your get mad, just show up to that place

But dont get mad if I throw a brick at your face

Now bring me someone that can compete please.

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i dont know if your jokes were funny or borderline racist

i guess i can expect that from a white boy after a couple of cases

i saw your video and it made me wonder

i knew i had seen you guys before youre the icy hot stunterz!

like your avatar the flows unpolished...youre just a rookie

creativity absent like einstein playing hookie

if you think i'm gonna sit here and take youe wack jokes then you sure are damned

if its a poetry battle than mayor just got poetry slammed


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Me a rookie? You must have bumped your head!

I was rapping when you were still breast fed!

Speaking of your mom, where is the ho?

Cause she has a date with me, the Prez, and the CEO

Its okay if your mom gets gangbanged by DTC

The Coach is recording it, so it will be on TV!

Sorry kid, you lost before you started

I heard better from your mom, when her ***** farted

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BD likes to cyber stalk ren

She won't tell him where's she's going or been

BD never leaves the house, hides out behind a computer screen

The Mayor reps it every game day in F-51 Green

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