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Landry's Piercing


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Ok, am I late, or did anybody already know about Landry's piercing at the bottom of his lip? :hysterical: I watched the video on Redskins.com, and didn't really notice it at first, but towards the middle of the interview when he faced the camera, it stood out. Oh well, just wanted to see who knew about it, and if you didn't...well now you do.

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I was going to point him out at first but I wasn't sure if it was him or not and didn't want to look silly :hysterical:

Lol at first it looked like him, but then that part of the pic isn't that clear, so I got confused.

LOL, it is! He looks like a stalker right there!

He does. He looks pissed, he looks like Laron stole his idea.

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