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Sean Taylor Game Jersey on ebay


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Not sure if this is legit or not so I figured I'd post it and let the experts give their opinions. Could be a great deal considering its starting price is significantly less than Portis, Cooley, Campbell, Moss, Landry, and even Jason Taylor and Shaun Alexander gamers from JO Sports.


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I think it could actually be a real game jersey, he is just lying about the year and he stuck a 75th anniversary patch on there.
Yeah. It's a game jersey from 2005 or before. It might have been a Smoot jersey, but I doubt it. It might have been a blank jersey. Somebody applied the 75 anni patch and also applied the 07-46 tag.
I'd buy it and wear it. Lol. I don't care that it's fake. How many people REALLY know that anyway?

EDIT: but not after seeing that price. :D

Yeah, it'd be fine for a fan to wear. That jersey beats the hell out of a retail authentic. So that justifies a $300 price or maybe a little more. But it's certainly not a legit Taylor game jersey.

Who knows? Maybe the seller is the one that was cheated and now he's trying to get his money back? Whatever. It's still a deliberate fraud attempt.

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I just asked him:

"Hello there, I am interested in your jersey but would like a close up picture of the 75th anniversary patch (the stitch pattern specifically). Thanks! Mike

Mike aint my name, and I'm really not interested in BUYING the jersey - just interested in flaming him. :chair::chair::chair::chair:

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Good catch, Xav!

I already added this jersey to the counterfeit jersey thread yesterday. I'll throw this info in there too. :cheers:

Thanks, Mark. I probably should have added listing this to that thread in the first place instead of starting a new one.

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OK, I got a response.

" http://s395.photobucket.com/albums/pp36/jons37ct/?action=view&current=DSC01585.jpg




Let me know if you need anything more. Jon 860-777-8978 (if you can not view these images please provide me an email in which i can attach pictures for you.) "

Thanks bud, I don't think I'll be purchasing it from you. What a fraud.

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