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  1. Skins need to do their sleeve striping like the Giants are for their throwbacks. Then we can actually see the stripes on a player not named Kirk Cousins.
  2. Solid Burgundy pants spotted at training camp worn by a smattering of defensive players, at least. I haven't noticed them on offense. Is this a sign of the return of burgundy pants during games? And will they not have stripes???
  3. Here is my updated uni. home and away. check er out. [ATTACH]41728[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]41729[/ATTACH]
  4. As I am a huge uniform nerd, I have whipped up many a uniform mock-up over the years. This one here, I just put together really quick after drinking a few cans of Yuengling. You see the can is a nice creamy gold color with burgundy on it. When you judge my simple mock up be aware that the gold is not shiny like 'vegas' gold. It is an off white creme. I feel like it keeps the classic uni and helmet intact, as well as keeping the bright gold trim in the ini and helmet. I just makes it look a little tougher and old skool. I haven't done the away unis yet, I tried the creme colored jersey an
  5. If not gold pants, at least white socks or gold socks so it doesn't look like pajamas. Look at the jets when they go all green, they go white socks and it looks dope.
  6. I wanted to clear up the misconception that the redskins have only worn all burgundy once. Not true. I dont remember which year, but had to be the early 80's because Joey T. was QB. Skins played a game on the road where the team knew we would be wearing our burgundy jerseys because the other team opted for white. Well, the team manager screwed it up and sent the burgundy pants along instead of the white. The skins lost the game and Gibbs was pissed. At the game and the ugly unis.
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