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Agreed, regular soda leaves a horrible aftertaste. Ever since I was introduced to Diet Coke ages ago... and got past the taste... I've never had regular coke again.

What are you talking about? Only after I've had a diet do I get a real bad after taste that goes for hours, if it doesn't make me vomit.

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I have a better idea.

Since regular soda has so much sugar to oversweeten it, and so much syrup to leave the after taste, then "just add water."

Fill it part Regular Soda, and the rest with water, using the proportions based on your personal taste.

Result - a lighter tasting soda WITHOUT the toxic aspartame.

Simple dilution accomplishes multiple results.

Soda water works best for me since one of the main reasons I would ever get soda is for the carbonation.

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Mickalino's crusade against aspartame is hilarious.

Diet Soda inhibits weight loss because you retain a lot of water weight, but that is it. It is INFINITELY more healthy than regular soda.

Mick is 10 shades of wrong here..

Now you achieve that Mick level with such a statement.

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