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I’ve seen several posters claim that Vinny and Snyder are a lot smarter than anyone on this board when it comes to picking players. Lets see if this holds up. Put down which players you wanted with the first two picks since 2000 (Try to be Honest). Here are mine.

2000 - Arrington and Samuels -no difference.

2001 - (Ok this was Marty) Gardner and Smoot - I wanted Hutchinson and Smoot. Hutchison became the top guard in the NFL, Gardner busted out

2002 - Ramsey and Betts - - First time I really disliked the Picks - I wanted Gurode and Weaver. Gurode is a Pro Bowl center while Weaver has been a consistent starting DT since he was drafted (Note Ravens traded up with Skins to get him a few picks before Betts)

2003 - 1st went for Coles; 2d- Jacobs. Didn’t mind the trade but wanted Mike Doss in the 2d. Doss has had injuries that has limited his utility but was certainly better than Jacobs.

2004 - Taylor and Cooley - Definitely liked the Taylor move but no way I would have traded the 2d with Bailey. Wanted Will Pool in the third - he busted out.

2005 - Rogers and Campbell - I would have blown this draft, I wanted Mike Williams (really wanted Pacman but he didn’t fall). Once Rogers was picked I wanted Roddy White (But I admit that I would have looked at a different position, probably CB If they had drafted Williams)

2006 - McIntosh and Montgomery - The Pick I wanted went to Houston before we could pick and won’t quibble over the 5th round picks. I was ok with McIntosh.

2007 - Landry and Sartz - Loved the Landry pick wasn’t enthusiastic about the late talent wanted to trade picks for future picks

2008 - Thomas and Davis - Very happy with the Thomas pick, didn’t like Davis pick at all - Wanted Calaise Campbell (Liked the Kelly pick though)

So If I was GM we’d have had better drafts in 2001, 2002, 2003 and worse drafts in 2004 and 2005. The offensive line would be great but we would need a good TE. But overall I think I'd have helped the Skins more than those making the picks but not as much as I thought I would.

By the way I don't want Sanchez and would trade up to pick 8 to get Andre Smith if I could, If not my Picks are the four OTs followed by Orokpo, Brown, Jackson and Maybin (one of them should be there at 13).

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Cool thread, though Im not sure I can honestly participate much more than for the last draft.

I wanted to trade down. Loved what we turned the 1st into. Would have never gone TE in the 2nd (as a general rule I dont like TEs and WRs in the first day unless they are head and shoulders above the rest of the talent like Calvin Johnson or someone). I wouldnt have pulled th trigger on Kelly because I think he would have dropped further. Who did I want in particular?

I really liked James Hardy. Probly would have taken him with the 34th pick. Then I would have gone with Calais Campbell most likely. With the 50th Pick I probably would have forced an OL either at C or OT unless the talent avaiable was head and shoulders above him.

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Good job OP, that was honest, some good with some bad( I liked Mike Williams too ouch!) I wanted Calais Campbell or Phillip Merling last draft. Wasn't mad at the two WR picks but wasn't too good on the TE. I went nuts running around the house shouting when we got Sean Taylor. Rogers wasn't who I wanted but I was ok with the pick(also wanted the Terp/local guy Merriman) totally agree with you 2007 elkabong. I was on both of those wagons.

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I didn't really have internet access reliably until '04, so all my info before then was from the Post and ESPN, so I didn't really get to hear about a lot of players then.

What I do remember is liking Ramsey because he was a QB, but I wasn't "in love" with the pick. Betts I hadn't really heard a lot about. I was very happy with Lavar and Samuels. I liked the Coles pick, wasn't fond of the Jacobs pick (cuz he was from FL and I was tired of Spurrier trying to rebuild them lol).

2004: Sean Taylor: Very happy with this pick. He was insane in college. I would have been happy with Winslow also. Chris Cooley: I knew we needed a TE cuz Royal was not getting it done. Hadn't really heard a lot about Cooley pre-draft, but I liked his last name, lol.

2005: Carlos Rogers. I really liked Merriman cuz he was a local guy from MD. But I figured he would be an OLB for us, not a 4-3 DE, and at the time we had Washington and Lavar, so I knew the team wouldn't make that pick, and I wouldn't have either. I remember most knew we would go CB, and that it was either Pacman, Rolle, or Rogers. I thought Pacman was the most talented, but I didn;t like his character. Rolle was alright, but I liked Rogers more cuz he was from the SEC. I really, really didn't want us to take Mike Williams, and I'm obviously glad we didn't.

Jason Campbell: I actually didn't have a problem with this move. I knew Gibbs had no faith in Ramsey, and JC seemed like a good Gibbs QB, strong arm good record in SEC with a run-first team. I personally would have tried to stick with Ramsey cuz he did show potential, so this pick would never have been made.

2006: McIntosh: I wasn't excited about his injury history, but I was impressed that so many U players made a case for the guy. I wanted D'Qwell, but I knew he would go before we could draft him. I also liked Tapp, him being a local product from Va Tech did influence that though.

2007: Landry: I liked the pick when we made it because it gave us potentially the best safety tandem in the league. However, I wanted Jamal Anderson or Amobi Okoye.

Sartz: I was fine with the pick because our LBer corp had fallen off after the '06 debacle, but it was in a low round so I didn't really have any favorites there. However, I really liked the Blades pick specifically because I remember a couple people hyping him up on here before the draft (him and Buster Davis).

2008: Thomas: I didn't like that he didn't have a lot of experience at WR before the draft, but I did like his potential. For our needs at WR, I remember it was Sweed or Kelly in the 1st, or Jordy Nelson in the 3rd (if he dropped that far), I likely would have taken Kelly.

Fred Davis: I scratched my head when we made the pick too. However, I understood the need to bolster our passing O, ESPECIALLY in the redzone. I wouldn't have made the pick, I really liked Trevor Laws for us, but those a-holes in Philly took him right before we picked. I didn't like Calais. I agreed with others we needed OL last draft, so I likely would have taken Pollack, OG, since Rachal was already off the board.

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2004, I was high on Sean Taylor. I had no clue about the mid to late prospects so I doubt I would have ever figured to draft Chris Cooley. I did love the way the draft panned out at the time, especially the two late round tackles we got.

2005, I was high on Antrel Rolle. Carlos Rogers has definitely fared better. I never would have thought to trade up for Jason Campbell. Again, I had no clue about WHICH mid to late prospects, but there's no way I would have taken Manuel White and Nehemiah Broughton. I did not mine trading up for Jason Campbell and getting Carlos Rogers, but I thought it was idiotic getting two projected fullbacks.

2006, I actually did not pay much attention to the draft at all due to our lack of first day draft picks but I do remember feeling pretty good about the picks from top to bottom due to Rocky McIntosh's potential and our attempt to address depth on the defensive line.

2007, I was high on Laron Landry. Not sure which players I would have tried to draft in the mid to late rounds but I definitely would have put emphasis on looking for offensive linemen. I don't remember feeling too great about this draft except that we got Laron Landry.

2008, I was high on Brandon Albert, Malcolm Kelly, Steve Justice, and Colt Brennan. I was hoping they would fall to us at 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Now Steve Justice and Colt Brennan didn't even get drafted until the 6th round, while we did get Kelly and Albert got taken way early. After the draft, I felt horrible about wasting a pick on Fred Davis. I did feel good about Chad Rinehart and the rest of our sixth and seventh round picks. Not so sure about Justin Tryon.

However this is all moot, as none of us have access to the scouting data and game film that the GMs have. Forget the actual draft, and consider general philosophies and decisions...

There's no way I would have traded a 2nd and Champ Bailey for Clinton Portis, a 3rd for Mark Brunell, a 5th for James Thrash, a 3rd and 4th for TJ Duckett, and a 2nd and 6th for Jason Taylor (not because I didn't like Jason Taylor but because it never would have come down to such a dire situation). On the flipside, I wouldn't have traded Laveranues Coles for Santana Moss, but I would do it in a heartbeat now that I have hindsight.

Now Brandon Lloyd, I'll leave open the possibility that maybe some scouts convinced me that he was worth it, especially with the huge hole we had at WR.

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Lol. I loved Mike Williams. I still remember watching that one catch he had in the back of the endzone where he caught the ball with one hand and thinking dude was going to be a monster. A lot of us (including Kiper) epically failed on that one.

But other than that I'll have to go back and look at each draft to try to remember who I wanted at the time.

Off the top of my head I definitely remember wanting Taylor over Winslow and wanting Landry if Johnson wasn't available. I also remember being intrigued by Matt Jones for some reason. I guess I'm gay for big ****ty WR's or something.

EDIT: Looking at 2000 now. I was 17 at the time and MIA so I don't remember much. But who the hell is Lloyd Harrison? We took him with the 2nd pick in the 2nd round. I have no recollection of him at all.

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I would like to think that a drunken monkey throwing darts at names could pick players better. Anyway, I never really followed the draft until last year. I was ok with the two WRs. I would love to know what Snyder was drinking when he made the Davis pick. I gotta get me some of that. I wanted either Merling or Campbell. I also would have liked to had Slaton too. As WVU fan I'm biased but he would be a good addition with Portis. Kind of like what the Titans have in thier backfield.

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