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Baltimore Sun:No outside drinks will be allowed at Preakness infield


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Horrible. Just HORRIBLE! Preakness chaos was the stuff of legends. Went there a couple times while in college and I've never experienced anything like it. My friends and I would take buses in from Mother's Grille downtown and bring in as much beer as we could carry. I always looked forward to that craziness each year. The shenanigans in the infield were hilarious even though at times you felt like you were just plunked down right in the middle of Soddom and Gomorrah.

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Article in the Sunday post comparing the Preakness infields of 2005 and this year. Stark difference.


The usually crammed infield at the Preakness Stakes, which earned that nickname because of drunken fighting and other forms of debauchery, was far from full as post time neared. Gone were the topless women, and the teens who raced and stumbled across the tops of portable toilets, pelted with beer cans as they went.

To restore civility to what had become little more than an all-day party, officials at the Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore banned spectators this year from bringing their own beverages, including beer, onto the infield. The move contributed to a 30 percent drop in attendance, and it drew plenty of complaints.

"I'm here, but I'm not happy," said Chad Jones, 35, a mortgage broker from Baltimore. He was among a smattering of fans on an infield that ordinarily draws 60,000.

Though officials said the total wagered was $59 million, up $14 million from last year, the lower attendance appeared to be the latest blow to Pimlico and the Preakness, the second race in the coveted Triple Crown.

Attendance dropped 7.5 percent last year, to 112,222, and it fell yesterday to 77,850, track officials said.

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