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How "GREEN" are you?


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i go paperless as much as possible but not to save the environment just because i lose things.

Im like you. I dont go out of my way to "be green" but it just works out that a lot of things are both "green" and convenient.

I walk everywhere or use the metro........because i live in a city and driving is a pain in the rectum.

I dont recycle b/c my apartment complex makes it too complicated.

Given the choice of 2 products, i will never buy the one labeled "organic"

My dog has helped fertilize most of the grass in Arlington.

I never drink bottled water, I carry a Nalgene bottle with me everywhere.

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I think we do ok. We recycle everthing we can. Both me and my wife drive fuel efficient cars(both hybrids). We keep our heat and ac at a resonable level and use a programable thermostat. We use the CFL's in almost all of our fixtures.

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It is interesting that I haven't seen many here talking about saving water.

I thought I was the only one who find it kinda difficult.

For example, I do the dishes after my wife cooks or whatever, and I try to keep the water running to a minimum, but it is just damn hard.

Also when taking a shower, I just can't get used to turn the water off while shampooing or usin the body wash, etc. and then turn it on again to rinse, I just have it running the whole time, or maybe turn it down a little.

I'm very lazy when it comes to wash my car, I don't do it often at all, so I guess I save some water there.

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