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Bradford is by far the best QB, but I think Tebow will/should get it for two reasons.

1. (Reason he will) Some of the votes from people who are more partial to the Big 12 will be split between Bradford and McCoy.

2. (Reason he should) Ever since the Florida loss to Ole Miss, Tebow has put his team on his shoulders and carried them to the title game. After that loss, he said in the press conference that nobody will work harder than him to get Florida back into the hunt, and he really has worked his ass off to get them to where they are. They have crushed everyone they were supposed to, and soundly beat those that were supposed to be close competition. He is a more complete athlete than either of the other two, and means more to his team than either of the others do.

This should be a very close vote, but I think Tebow wins by a nose.

edit: but on second thought I think Bradford will win it.;)

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Damn Tebow had 9 more first place votes than Bradford did, but he ended up finishing in 3rd! That is crazy. I guess those Big 12 leaning voters did swing it, only in Bradford's favor by voting Tebow 3rd all the time. It's hard to believe that Tebow came in last despite having the most 1st place votes...

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Instead of all this 1st, 2nd, 3rd voting BS, shouldn't each person get one vote that use to on the person they think should win?

Are you implying that college football should so something that simple? I mean come on... its sooooo much more fun when teams and individuals get screwed over every year!

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i don't have an issue with Bradford winning. all three candidates were deserving of the award, its hard to argue against any of them

It's not that Bradford was undeserving, its just that when Tebow actually gets the MOST 1st place votes and then finishes in LAST place, there's something that is wrong with the way they do it. :2cents:

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Last Five Non-USC

Heisman QB in Bowl Games Year Player, School Result

2008 Sam Bradford, Oklahoma ?

2007 Tim Tebow, Florida Lost in Capital One Bowl

2006 Troy Smith, Ohio State Lost in BCS Championship

2003 Jason White, Oklahoma Lost in Sugar Bowl

2001 Eric Crouch, Nebraska Lost in Rose Bowl

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