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Can someone review the whole Sean Taylor collage thing?


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I just wanted to know if there was a way to find a particular thread that dealt solely with the ST collage issue, or, if not, can someone recap what happened without having to wade through a bunch of posts. From recalling some things I've read from TK, Zoony, and maybe LL56, Zorn moved a collage of pictures of ST from one area of the Park to a place closer to the Skins locker room?

I don't want to minimize the tragedy of ST's murder and the impact I'm sure the players still feel from it, and I'm not sure of what I've read on here is just speculation and/or editorializing. Perhaps what happened is being viewed in context of other issues, like Zorn calling players out in public. I'm just wondering: was what Zorn did specifically with the ST thing THAT bad? And if people in this organization are getting their nerves touched to that extreme because of it, then there must indeed be serious problems afoot. I mean, unless I'm misreading TK's and Zoony's posts, it seems like there's a big sentiment that really wants JZ gone.

Thanks much for the time.

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Okay, that probably wasn’t much help. From what I’ve read, it’s a non issue. Zorn tried to be sensitive to the team’s loss and there was hearsay that it rubbed some people the wrong way or came off as fake. I also heard Zorn punches old ladies and is just an all around meanie. Therefore, he was never right for this team and should be fired immediately. The players (especially those that talk to LavarLeap) know best.

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I found it in the "Dammit CP" thread...somewhere between pages 20-25...or something like that.

Happy hunting.

ok, just checked...it was on page 30, LOL:


i'm sure this was brought up on here a number of times before then, but this post last night was the first time I read anything about it. been doing a whole lot of catch-up reading on here since then...let's just say it's been interesting.

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