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JLC: Zorn says CP is 50-50 again


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I'm convinced that he'll play. Zorn didn't cite any new injuries. We know about the MCL sprain (the same MCL sprain that he's managed to run for nearly 200 yards on since he got it a couple of weeks ago) and he's had that damn hip flexor all season. Zorn can't afford to keep Portis out of this game...although I wouldn't advise CP trying to pancake Mathias Kiwanuka again. :yikes:

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no way that CP sits out with the emotion and all going on after the pre game Sean Taylor induction...

I dont know what will happen this weekend... i am not confident that we will win or lose, that we will move the ball, or that we will stop the Giants from running the ball....

but one thing I do KNOW is that CP will suit up and play his heart out for the ST and all the fans.....

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