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Brady Quinn to start for Browns


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So you know for a fact that the way it was said wasn't like an opinion? I think Jim Rome's show is on before ATH and he gives his opinion a lot.

No it wasn't Jime rome...

Just checked the TV guide and it was NFL prime time.

They ended the show by saying something along the lines of

"This just in, Brady Quinn has just been named the starters for the browns next game"

take it for what it's worth.

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Given time I think he will prove very effective.

ANderson will have to be traded in the off season


ESPN's Trent Dilfer reports that Brady Quinn will start at quarterback for the Browns Thursday against the Broncos. The Browns have confirmed the move.

It's a short week to prepare, but Quinn gets the easiest matchup possible against Denver. He'll do well. Quinn can put up solid QB 1/2 stats the next few weeks (Denver, Buffalo, Houston), but his schedule gets much harder after that: Indy, Tennessee, and Philly. Sage Rosenfels should be a better pickup over the next month, but not this week.

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Called my dad when I saw Dilfer rip into Browns management. He's giving my aunt a call to give my uncle a heads up to possibly check for any replays of it. He thought highly of Anderson and I'm almost positive Dilfer is correct and this came from higher up's. My dad's supposed to be calling me back so if I find any nice info out I'll post it.

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I think he can do well.

Sucks that the Browns invested so much money in Anderson to have him do so bad this season.

Anderson was one of the least pressured QBs in the league last year. He was sacked on like 2 % of his pass attempts.

Factor in Braylon Edwards apparently doesn't know how to catch the ball and you have a recipe for failure

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