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Sean Taylor Wristbands


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Ladies and Gentlemen,

The topic of Sean Taylor’s death hits home to many. Anytime his name is brought up, our mind bursts to tears. We lost a great Redskin, his life was taken away too early. In his honor and as a symbol of Redskin pride I ordered 2,000 wristbands. On Nov. 30th ceremony in Sean Taylor's memory I want us all to raise our hands, stand united, and recall a terrific athlete, father and a human being who changed our team forever

At the end of the auction partial proceeds will benefit Jackie's Charity, if anyone has their contact information please PM me.

The cost is $4

If you do not have an Ebay account but have interest in purchasing, please leave me a detailed message. I will most likely travel to the stadium on Monday and on a Sunday after the Bye.

I don’t post often but I'm a frequent observer and a Skins fanatic. I'm completely on board with the direction this franchise is moving and the progress it has made since losing an icon.

Here are some photos (the rest are in the link):






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Nice I have one of the ones that they did at the time of his death and haven't taken it off since I got it.

The one I have says "R.I.P. Sean Taylor #21" and on the back side says "Forever in our hearts." I love it and am never gonna take it off.

However, I might have to get one of these too.

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At the end of the auction partial proceeds will benefit Jackie's Charity

Can you explain more what "partial proceeds" means? How much of the $4 will go to Jackie's memorial fund?

As for where to send donations, I would call Redskins Park to make sure this address still is valid. It's the address they listed in December '07. I found it at nfl.com, full link is http://www.nfl.com/news/story?id=09000d5d804d4b43&template=with-video&confirm=true: Contributions to the fund can be mailed to the Sean Taylor Memorial Trust Fund, c/o The Washington Redskins, 21300 Redskins Park Drive, Ashburn, Va., 20147.

:( RIP 21

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