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  1. No offense taken. I haven't missed a game in a loooooooooong time. I want to see how each player played. Sounds weird, but it feels awkward not knowing how every single play played out and who did what. I need my fix! But yea, thanks for the advice. Ill make my way to that part of of the forum with the request.
  2. Anybody got a link to download the Skins-Eagles game? Probably will have better luck tomorrow but if anyone knows of a site, hook it up. Thanks.
  3. You know whats funny. While Stafford is ass raping our D, after every couple of minutes I think about all those posts you had. Only the Redskins I swear. And lmmfao at the Packers putting up 23 points in the first HALF against the Rams.
  4. Man this team is so ******* terrible. Even this defense is a POS. Shaking my ******* head at Stafford looking like Peyton Manning out here. Disgusting.
  5. Its amazing, so amazing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=at4OQvNlxSw Stab her first with the almighty sword. :evilg:
  6. cosign. I remember when I was like 9-10 years old, going to Ikea and purposely trying to lose my parents so I could stay there, lmao.
  7. whoooaaa, Slacky you better accept this offer.
  8. No, its the chocolate. I know some argue that its a myth, but for me if I have too much chocolate(nutella) I break out something serious.
  9. DAMN!! I love nutella but I dont have it because it makes me break out like crazy. I lost.
  10. Why they irritate you? You on dial up?
  11. Yo, you still live in Cooper City? Or you moved?
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