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ES Coverage: Redskins @ Lions (Final)


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ES Coverage: Redskins @ Lions




Redskins 25 - Lions 17


Greetings my friends and welcome to the Motor City where today we bring you coverage of the Washington Redskins verses the Detroit Lions. My name is JimmiJo and I am joined by the great one himself, Blade.

I met Blade the second day I worked with ES in a mini-camp back in 2006. Haven't seen him since. With the way I snore, probably won't see him again. Murf has learned to rock the iPod and that's why he will work with me.

As to the photo above, we snapped that on the way in to Ford Field. I understand that it is the halloween season and appreciate that the name is Sanders. Still, given the number on the jersey, I hope we send the ****s home pissed off.

I'm afraid I don't have much in the way of debauchery from last night. Blade and I found a very good Indian restaurant to eat at. Apparently they don't have such fare in North Dakota. What the hell kind of shop are they running up there anyway? After we ended up at the hotel bar hanging out with the radio and TV guys from the Redskins. The highlights from the evening were Blade describing his profession, listening to one the Redskins' producers describe a situation he encountered this week (Mommy, why does it hurt when I pee?), and then hearing how one guy thinks Neil Diamond and 70's Elvis was better than the Beatles.

Ah the foibles of youth.

So downtown Detroit is pretty F'ing awesome. Next to Ford Field is Comerica Park (where the Tigers play) and it is maybe the coolest-looking baseball field I've seen in person. As for Ford Field it is a very nice indoor standium. The press box is killer, and really that's all I care about. It is not a large stadium, holding only 64,500. Still, they do not sell it out and that's got to be because of the product they are putting on the field.

It seems that no-one here really follows the Lions. When I got on the shuttle from the airport to the rental car the driver asked me why I was here. I explained to cover the game. "Redskins huh? They are doing pretty good?" Yes, I explained. "The Lions aren't doing so well I hear." Yes, I agreed.

Then at the rental car place the guy checking me into the car seemed to know more about the Redskins than the Lions. On the way to the stadium this morning we were listening to the all-sports station here and a caller told the host that he was going to the Lions game today. "Going to the Lions game? What, did you lose a bet," the host asked.

But even here it seems that some things are universal. As we walked toward the stadium two Ford Field employees were bemoaning the state of their team. "They need to fire Marinelli," said one. "Yea, I hear they are going to bring Cower in," said the other.

As we continued to walk we noticed that the first group of fans tailgating were Redskins fans.


Alrighty, we are pretty early so there is not much going on. Stand by for news and other tidbits. Feel free to ask questions or make comments.

Fun Facts

  • The Redskins lead the series with the Lions 26-10
  • Detroit is 8-8 against Washington at home
  • The Redskins are 1-0 at Ford Field
  • The Redskins begin the day 7th in overall offense
  • The Redskins begin the day 6th in overall defense
  • The Lions begin the day 27th in overall offense
  • The Lions begin the day 32nd in overall defense


The Redskins are wearning all white today.


We are set to go. The Redskins have won the toss and will receive.

Here's to an injury-free victory for the Redskins.


Well it looks like the Redskins are trying to crap the bed again against a sub-par team. Hard to understand it but let's try shall we?

Penalties. Turnovers. Pass protection. Predictable play calling.

Any questions?

Give them credit for overcoming the above to get the 3 at the end of the half.

Here's to a better second half...

Injury Report

Detroit - FB Jerome Felton - Left ankle, return questionable (Carted to locker room)

Detroit - OT Damion Cook - Left knee, return questionable

Detroit - TE Casey Fitzsimmons - Ribs, return questionable

Washington - Santana Moss is being examined on the sidelines




- Malcolm Kelly

- Shawn Springs

- Ladell Betts

- Chris Horton

- Chris Samuels

- Chad Rinehart

- Cornelius Griffin

- Colt Brennan (3rd QB)


- Dwight Smith

- Jordon Dizon

- Manny Ramirez

- Edwin Mulitalo

- Corey Smith

- Landon Cohen

- Drew Henson (3rd QB)



To listen to comments from Rock Cartwright click HERE

To listen to comments from Chris Cooley click HERE

To listen to comments from Devin Thomas click HERE

To listen to comments from Demetric Evans click HERE

To listen to comments from Stephon Heyer click HERE

To listen to comments from Khary Campbell click HERE

To listen to comments from Pete Kendall click HERE

To listen to comments from LaRon Landry click HERE

To listen to comments from Anthony Montgomery click HERE

To listen to comments from Santana Moss click HERE

To listen to comments from Carlos Rogers click HERE

To listen to comments from Chris Samuels click HERE

To listen to comments from Chris Wilson click HERE

To listen to comments from Todd Yoder click HERE


JimmiJo's Corner

The Washington Redskins overcame mistakes and a determined Detroit Lions to advance to a 6-2 record on the season at the halfway point. With offensive stars Santana Moss and Clinton Portis both having big games, the Redskins were able to avoid the trap on the road against the winless Lions (0-7).

Santana Moss had his best game of the season, catching 9 passes for 140 yards and 1 touchdown to lead all receivers. For the send consecutive week Moss caught a touchdown pass, bringing his touchdown total to 5 on the year.

Moss’ touchdown came with just under 5 minutes remaining in the third quarter. On 1st and 10 Detroit blitzed, leaving Moss one-on-one in the slot with safety Kalvin Pearson. Moss feinted to the inside and then ran a corner pattern where Jason Campbell found him for a 50-yard touchdown strike.

In the 4th quarter, Moss added another score, returning a Detroit punt 80-yards for a touchdown. With 11:49 remaining in the 4th quarter, Moss received the Nick Harris punt. Moving to his left after catching the ball, Moss was hit and knocked back by Devin Thomas who was running downfield on a blocking assignment. Moss was able to remain upright and then slip a couple of tackles as he started upfield. He would not be touched again and 80 yards later was in for the touchdown.

Clinton Portis had another big day, running for 126 yards on 24 carries, his 5th straight 120+ yard game. Portis now has 944 yards on the season unofficially at the halfway point. Portis averaged 5.3 yards-per-carry today with his longest of 31 yards coming at the end of the game.

Jason Campbell had a very good day, going 23-28 for 328 yards and 1 TD for a QB rating of 127.4. Lost in the passer stats were two fumbles committed by Campbell, one of which was lost to Detroit. Campbell was pressured a bit today, being sacked 3 times.

Defensively the Redskins had a great outing in every way but in preventing scoring, especially at the end of the game where Detroit needed a score to keep it a one-score game. After two Detroit scores in the first half, Washington was able to force the Lions to punt on the next 5 possessions.

After getting down two scores in the 4th quarter however, Detroit was able to bounce back with a 10-play, 81-yard drive that ended in a touchdown to bring the Lions within 5. The Redskins responded with their own 10 play, 56-yard drive that ended with a Shaun Suisham field goal to put Washington up by 8. With less than two minutes to play in the game, and out of timeouts, Detroit mounted their final drive.

Detroit was able to get to their own 43 yard line on 6 plays before London Fletcher stopped Calvin Johnson short of the 1st down marker on 4th and 3 to turn the ball back over to Washington to kneel down for the win.

Ok, so the Redskins are 6-2 and that is pretty cool. It is great for the team. It is great for the fans. It is great for Washington.

That being said I have a question; why do they have to make it so damn interesting against very bad teams? Once again we saw the Redskins dominate a team statistically only to see the opponent with a chance to tie or win at the end. Of the 6 wins this season, today represented the largest margin of victory at 8 points. Prior to today, the largest margin for a win was 7.

This translates to close finishes every time they’ve won. This also means that the opponents have been just one play away from changing their fortunes and handing the ‘Skins a loss. I’m not superstitious but I do believe that if they keep playing games like this they are going to eventually lose games (ala St Louis) that they should not.

The Redskins dominated in some key areas:

Yardage – Redskins 439, Lions 274

1st Downs – Redskins 22, Lions 13

3rd Down Efficiency – Redskins 45%, Lions 17%

Time of Possession – Redskins 35:45, Lions 24:15

However, once again the score does not reflect the effort. While Shaun Suisham went 4-5 today, the Redskins failed to score touchdowns. Washington scored only 1 offensive touchdown today against the lowest ranked defense in the NFL (30th in scoring). On the game’s first drive Washington drove to the Detroit 1 yard line before losing 6 yards on the next three plays to have to settle for a field goal.

But don’t take my word for it. Listen to the audio above. Listen to LaRon Landry especially. While the team will surely take the win, my impression was that other than Portis and Moss, they expected more out of themselves today.

The good news is that they certainly don’t have to worry about a trap game one week from tomorrow. The Pittsburg Steelers are a very aggressive football team that can score points. The Redskins are most likely going to have to put up points to win that one.

Hey guess what, we had a great time. They are saying snow tonight and Blade has a 6AM flight. We will be up by 3AM probably to make sure we get him there.


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My Take

JJ is just lucky he doesnt live in North Dakota... his snoring would have him mistaken for a bear and shot his first night.

But, it was worth it to be back covering a game. I'll be on the sidelines shooting as many pics as my battery will let me... I am out of practice coming to these games, and I forgot my battery charger for my Canon. Shoot me.

Ford Field is actually a beautiful stadium. Opacified windows at that top of the stadium allow alot of natural light in for enclosed building. It seems small, though, from the press box. And it is, compared to FedEx. It only holds 64,500.... and they cant even sell it out.

Obviously, this is a Hockey town, not a Football town.... currently at 11:15am there are more Redskins fans in the seats than Lions fans. It would not shock me if that is how it remains the rest of the day. Nothing wrong with a home away from home :)

I'm heading down to the field to get some pics.....






Great to be at a game again, and even better that it was a win.

Some entertaining moments from the sidelines:

Zorn was livid with the lack of hurry-up to the hurry-up offense at the end of the 1st half... "He was yelling and jumping up and down "HURRY UP THERE IS LESS THAN 2 MINUTES!!!! HURRY UP! AWWW SUCKERS!" Yes, he said really 'suckers' and not something else.

Bubba Tyer is always entertaining to listen to when he is standing on the sidelines, but I cant really post what he said.... Lets just say that it was strong words of encouragement for the Defense :)

The elevator lady insisted that everyone on her car 'smile', which is not hard to do now that we have the win. Time to pack up and give her one last smile for the road.

Looks like its time to pack up here at Ford Field...

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Thank you JJ and Blade for the coverage; and JJ, I agree:

I hope we send the ****s home pissed off; or at least leave them at home pissed off ;)

WOW, just WOW~ there are more Skins fans than kitten fans? :point2sky:D

It's gonna be a good game and a good day for our team~ :cheers:

Looking forward to the pics~

could I suggest some good pics of Landry ;)

Again, thank you guys~ you are truly awesome.

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Yes, it's a bit puzzling. I asked around and was told that he missed Friday for personal reasons, but that there is no new injury that anyone is aware of.

JJ~ Comcast said Horton~ ankle injury and Samuels and inflammation of a joint to the knee injury he had a couple weels ago, FYI ;) I don't know, just what they said~ and they have been fair and accurate in their report, but NOT unbiased:D

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Blade? Never heard of him. He sounds vaguely like this guy who once posed on the star in Dallas a couple years ago.

Bring us home a victory JimmiJo. Seriously. Get it done or don't come home.

And it shouldn't surprise folks that Chris "The Predator" Horton refuses to play in games I don't cover. We're BFFs at this point, so it's tough for him to go on without me.

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Blade? Never heard of him. He sounds vaguely like this guy who once posed on the star in Dallas a couple years ago.

Bring us home a victory JimmiJo. Seriously. Get it done or don't come home.

And it shouldn't surprise folks that Chris "The Predator" Horton refuses to play in games I don't cover. We're BFFs at this point, so it's tough for him to go on without me.

For those keeping score at home (which will not be Murf, as he has yet learned to count) Stephon Heyer will start for Samuels and Mike Green will start for Horton.

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