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Something missing from the POTES campaign-Spiritual Advisors


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We need a spiritual advisor to the President. I that an essential part of any Presidential campaign is knowing where you get your spiritual core from. Now, ES has many spiritual gurus and fonts of wisdom (even some underlines of wisdom), but I think we all deserve to hear more from the shepherds. I think that the spirituals leaders of ES need to make their case as why their voice should be the voice that guides the POTES during times of trial.

Now, any who hear the calling can apply for the position of spiritual advisor to the POTES, but an angel whispering in my ear tells me that some of those who should advocate for the position of religious advocate to the POTES are:

Zguy, techboy, Michael 33, Skinsfan51, Georgiaskinsfan, Headexplode and Corcaigh.

All of these leaders have shown great wisdom and fervor for their spiritual beliefs, but I think a case should be made as to why they are called to be shepherds to ES. Even though none should doubt the fervor or depth of their belief.

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I'm sensing a spiritual void here.

Well, look what you said:

Come on, we need someone to step up. Who will be the Falwell, the Wright, the Hagee.

Nobody wants to be them guys. :laugh:

You could always get

. :doh:
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