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Top 10 things never heard on internet forum


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Sarge "communism is a fine idea"

Techboy "okay, maybe Jesus wasn't real"

TK "Star wars sucks"

edit: i did not bother to watch that, but these were the first things to pop into my head for the ES forum.

After watching the vid, its more like:

Sarge: Obama is a communist/socialist

chomerics: I appreciate your opinion on the subject but I respectfully disagree

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It's funny because it's so true :laugh::laugh:

"You know how much we value copyrights." :laugh:

"Next thing you know we'll be flashing sideways to Everybody Loves Raymond." :laugh::laugh::laugh:

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Here's a couple:

- "You're right. 'Nuff said' indeed. Please close this thread."

- "Thanks for opening another thread on this subject. We've had many many other threads on that same subject, but I really think we might cover some new ground in yours. :applause: "

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