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RobJanis: Again, this is for the best QB! And I say Sonny. Look at the career rating -- Baugh, 72.2; Jurgensen, 82.6.

This point proves only that you don't have a firm grasp on statistics. An article recently on NFL.com surveyed NFL coaches and GMs on the statistics they found useful. None used the QB rating since it measures too many things not limited to the QB's performance. I think it should be relabeled as a team stat measuring the efficiency of the passing game.

The stat can't be intelligently used to compare a QB on one NFL team to a QB on another, much less as a means of comparing QBs in two different eras. In Baugh's era, long before Sid Gillman arrived on the scene, the strategies of the passing game wouldn't rise to the level of a good high school team today. Neither would the field conditions.

In Baugh's day, they only used three footballs on Sunday's. The ball was bigger than today's sleek, well-made model. When it got wet and heavy, it must have been like throwing a punkin.

In the 40s, QBs were expected on third and long to drop back and "quick kick" (punt) as a surprise now and then. Just the threat of Baugh's punting ability forced a safety to drop back and play deeper in those situations.

I saw all the Redskin QBs. Sammy was one of the giants of the game who inspired fans to take an interest in football as a professional sport. Sonny was great fun to watch, worth the price of admission.

I'll put Sammy first and Sonny second. I don't bother ranking the rest.

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Sammy played much of his career before the substitution rule was changed -- the biggest change ever in football. He played most of his career before Shaughnessy developed the pro set in 1949, and even some before Shaugnessy through Halas had even brought the T formation to the NFL! Sammy was one of the first college passers to complete more than half his passes.

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Please stop spamming your blog on this forum.

Why shouldn't true Redskins fans know about another source of information? Don't tell me that if you found an article that you like in the internet you wouldn't inform members of extremeskins.com about it!!

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