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Why I'm Ignoring the Offseason Moves (Starting Now and Forever)


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OK, I admit it. I love the Redskins too much. This has caused me to waste many a February - August wondering about the players that will be on the Redskins. I'd waste time with Free Agent tracking, hoping that the Redskins would re-sign stars like Antonio Pierce, Ryan Clark, and even scrubs like John Hall. I got mildly excited about players like L. Coles and the other Jet-skins, wasn't a fan of the Springs signing, and liked getting Antwaan Randle El and London Baker-Fletcher (Baker?). I loved it when the team picked up Taylor in the draft, wasn't real keen on the Campbell deal, and also wasn't a big fan of trading away draft picks.

This year I haven't followed anything with free agency. It's not exciting anymore, it's not all that fun. The same thing with the draft. Everyone wants to obsess over the highest paid free agent (or highest profile), just like they want to obsess over the first round draft pick and ignore the other 6 rounds. If there's anything I learned from closely following every offseason since 1992 (with a bit of a break between 2002 and 2004), its that every player on the roster counts. It doesn't matter if they are my favorite player on the roster, or if they are my 53rd favorite player (or 60th if we count practice squad players). Un-drafted free agents and those free agents who will end up signing with Washington after being left in the cold have the same impact as the #1 draft pick. We should all know this by now. Don't buy into media-hype... the preseason starts in August (with mini-camps in July), and the real season begins in September... and even that is a bit over-rated (sure every game counts but teams and players evolve and improve or unprove during the year). There's so much variability and unpredictablity in the NFL that maybe the guy penciled in at #3 on the depth chart will somehow claw his way to #1 and perform at an unexpected level. More often than not, most media or people on the board have no idea of predicting how a player will actually perform straight from college or after given a big or even small money contract... they are just like you and me and our co-workers... variability.

So don't buy into the media hype. ESPN and the NFL make good money in keeping the NFL in the limelight, and that's their perrogative, but the team that comes up at the top of the ratings in April is probably not going to be the last team standing come February. No one was picking the Giants last year and they were picked against even through the playoffs. Draft experts couldn't decide if Leaf would be better than Manning. Multiply these factors by 32 for each team and 190 (more or less) for each draft pick.

The greatest joy I get from watching the NFL, is simply watching the NFL. Now I know we are in an NFL watchig vacuum right now... and that's why we get sucked into the offseason, but its not worth it. The team you have on paper is just that... the team on paper. We don't watch Madden simulations of the games, we watch the real games with real players! Maybe come May mini-camp I'll care more about following what's happening with the team, and players... but right now it doesn't matter... and I'd believe this is true if we signed Jesus Himself to play wide receiver for us.

So please, be bold... I suppose this is kind've a call to boycott NFL news, but there really isn't too much going on right now. Yes, really... the Redskins will pick up 6 players in the draft plus a few more UDFAs... they'll probably end up signing a few players to fill holes, and the team will come together and we'll know how successful everything is in 2008 (and beyond). Don't forget that the greatest joy in watching a football team comes from watching them Sunday afternoons in the fall, rather than watching roster moves Sunday nights (well Monday mornings) in the springtime. No matter what I'll root for whoever is wearing the Burgandy and Black (errrr Gold!).

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Excellent post, and I agree with you and plan on doing the same thing. Just sit back and relax; enjoy the games on Sunday. It doesn't matter who is playing as long as they player their best. Sure it's fun to follow along loosely and you'd love to see the Skins keep certain players but never get intimately involved in this whole process. It is the entertainment business after all.

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