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Time for Skins to Shine - in Primetime!


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The Skins have 3 marquee games to close out the year - 2 prime time ones and the Dallas v Skins will be the big national game as always. Since the last national games we have had include the NE debacle and the loss to the Cowboys, here is hoping that:

1. GW steps up and shows why we gave him the head coaching clause and builds off of the strong showing by the D vs. the Bears.

2. CP and Santana regain some swagger and star power and start making some big POSITIVE plays.

3. Gibbs is able to ADD to his coaching legacy.

4. The Skins remind everyone that we are a championship franchise

and most important:

5. The Skins continue to honor the memory of ST by playing with heart and passion.

Playoffs or not, this is a good time for this team and these coaches to show the league and everyone around the country what kind of franchise we are. LETS GO SKINS!

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NBC is going to regret picking up the Skins/Vikings game after we lose to the Giants next week. After the way we've played in NY the last few years, how can anyone be optimistic? I feel bad for saying this, but I don't think we have much of a chance.

That's the spirit. We feel better already. Let's hope the Redskins are Ready for Primetime players. :)

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