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Madden 2008 Simulation Bears vs Skins'


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Redskins sneak by Bears in come-from-behind win!!

28-27, I'll take 104 from CP


Makes sense to me. The Skins can run and the Bears cannot stop the run. The Bears cannot run and the Skins are strong against the run. IMO, the Bears defense will be on the field a lot and will likely fade again in the fourth quarter.

The Skins are could win this one with a fourth quarter surge. Just look at the Bears-Giants game from last week for the blueprint.

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I think we've been peaking too early in the games. The official petition to limit NFL games to 2 quarters nailed it.

Perhaps we change our gameplan and try to hold onto the lead and run the clock out in the first half. In the second half we get Cooley involved and play aggressive.

How about no more premature running out the clockulation this game....

I'll be out there for 8 hours in 25 degree weather.....throw me a bone....play 3 full quarters or even stun me and play a full 4.

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