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  1. What does a tomahawk chop represent? War? What about the actual chant? Wearing headdresses? Native Americans just see this as a way to keep them in the past. They are against all NA mascots. Not just the Redskins. And no, not every NA cares.
  2. What makes you think most Native Americans fought with Tomahawks?
  3. Their voice is stronger. That's all that matters. "It's not what you know. It's what you can prove."
  4. It's not about a racial slur. That's just a small portion of the propaganda. Native Americans do not want to be represented in sports. Period. If we change the name to something similar, we'll be fighting the same battle in 20 years! It's a losing battle and if we don't change it soon my grandchildren will ask me why I'm hanging up racist jerseys in my den. I love the history of the Redskins and I don't want them to take that away, too.
  5. See, this is the problem. We think changing the name will hurt other's outlooks on our fan base. But at the same time we don't see how they are slowly seeing our fan base as racists. Sure, I've only had two people come up to me to comment on my poor taste of Redskins apparel and they were both white people and probably not football fans. But slowly, this liberal propaganda has pushed their PC garbage to football fans and players and soon we will see everyone calling us racists. I don't live in the DC area anymore and I don't have a lot of fellow Skins supporters around me. Honestly, I am a little worried about wearing Redskins stuff now and refuse to put a Redskins decal on my new car. Call me a coward but I'm more concerned with my family's well-being than my team's name. If they were trying to take football out of DC, I would come close to sacrificing my life to stop it but this is an easy fix.
  6. Do you think we would have a shot at Richard Sherman if he became a free agent? How about London Fletcher talking about how he felt uneasy with the name. Even Art Monk has spoken up about it. Even if the current effects are minimal, can you not foresee the future? The pressure on players, coaches, and even fans. It's just going to get worse. All liberal ideas creep up until they are a force you cannot control. Better to change the name under your own demands than others. If you change the name now, we can keep our history. The term "Redskins" will slowly fade, become forgotten outside of football, and never become as racist as "N*gger." If you wait, the public outcry will just get worse until history perceives our team as racist. I think that ad last night was stupid and love whoever posted the Red Mesa High School Redskins picture. Not too familiar with the demographics of the school but have heard it is Native American majority. Proves that ad wrong. The problem is that posting that stuff to message boards doesn't help the Redskins cause. It's going to take a voice louder than the Oneida Nation and the rest of the white guilt activists. That's not going to happen. I love the Redskins name. But I love Washington football more. I'll choose the ladder all day. PS. I'm not a liberal and I'm not trying to sell anything. Just trying to help brace our fans. I apologize if I offend anybody.
  7. Like I said, I was going to get some heat for my opinion. I love my Washington Redskins and will continue to support them and just hope you guys don't abandon ship when the name changes. I know for a fact that Redskins wasn't originally racist because history tells us it was accepted by Native Americans. Just like "negro" is just espanol for "black". Time changes everything. Anyway, I've said it before, Native Americans activists are more concerned with the association with drunk sports fans, not the name. That's why they're shutting down every team. It won't stop with the Redskins. Think about that. And yeah, perhaps the name "Browns" is the reason they're not good but it could also be the city. Anyway, I don't want to get banned for looking like a troll, so I'm out. Before I go, I just want to say, stop using excuses like "It wasn't racist back in 1933. Why is it today?" and "Native Americans are proud to be called Redskins!" It just sounds stupid. Peace.
  8. So you're saying I'm tough? So you're okay with the Redskins name living on even if it means that future players won't sign with us and every player will be distracted by off-the-field BS? I'm ready to win again and can let go of a name. We're still the same team and we're still in DC. That's all that should matter. Does the name mean that much to you?
  9. Just some replies from the topic that was closed... I agree that the name was not a racial slur in 1933. But America also didn't have a problem with the Negro League. Things change. Unless Native Americans speak up for the team name (not going to happen) then we need to change it. And it's not just Wikipedia. The dictionary considers it a slur, too. But the slur annotation isn't even the main reason Native Americans want to change the name. That's something white liberals have assumed and Native American activists have ran with it. I would suggest you speak up in numbers. Talking on a message board does absolutely nothing because I could say I'm 110% Native American and that I am proud of the Redskins name and that does nothing for anyone. I just have a hard time believing people are proud to be called their skin color just as much as I have trouble believing people are offended by their skin color. I think it's a neutral point and I agree, liberal America had an agenda to make it a slur and succeeded. Either way it is now a slur in the eyes of many and it is becoming a problem. And yes, 9 out of 10 black people will knock out someone they don't know calling them a n*gger and I don't think as many Native Americans would do the same with the word Redskin, but that doesn't mean it's not a racial slur. That's culture upbringing mixed with degrees of power of the opposing words. And Warriors? We're just asking to change it again in 20 years when the rest of the Native American mascots are forced to change their names.
  10. Guys, I love my team but this is getting ridiculous. I know a lot of us see the name and correlate it with our history. But with that aside, we have to realize that Redskins is now a racial slur. Is it really the most important part of our team name, anyway? I know I'm going to get some heat for this but hear me out... I think it's time for us to change the name but find a way to keep our burgundy and gold. If not the racist name, think about the distraction for the team. It will be a quick process if we can just show Danny that we're not going to jump ship just because our team name changes.