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Can someone explain this to me? (Week 5 QB ratings related)


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I was checking out the NFL QB leaders on nfl.com and noticed something sort of odd. Philip Rivers had a QB rating of 151.4 with 13/18 completions, 270 yards, 2 TDs and no INTs. Jason Campbell had a QB rating of 125.3 with 23/29 completions, 248 yards, 2 TDs and no INTs. His comp% was actually better than Rivers and yet he had a much lower QB rating. Can 22 more yards really make THAT much of a difference in QB rating? I don't know all the aspects that go into QB rating, and I know this isn't that important but I was wondering if someone in the know about this sort of thing could shed some light on what I'm missing.


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Here's how wikipedia shows the formula:

Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passer_rating


Passer rating is determined by four statistical components, each of which is computed as a number between zero and 2.375. The benchmarks for these statistics are based on historical averages. If any of the components are less than zero, they are reckoned as zero; if any are over 2.375, they are reckoned as 2.375.

  • The component for completion percentage, C, is calculated as: 2d58dcec7d62cd8f7bd73dae98f6ec30.png

  • The component for yards per attempt, Y, is calculated as: bed86a9148b7d99cd521f6d974bc0189.png

  • The component for touchdowns per attempt, T, is calculated as: 7025d942eb85a71b466da90ef29a78d9.png

  • The component for interceptions per attempt, I, is calculated as: aaa627ddafb23d0399c05c087d05bc16.png

The four components are then added, divided by 6, and multiplied by 100. Thus, the formula for passer rating can be given as:



The CFL appears to use the same formula as the NFL

[edit] Perfect rating

Since each component of passer rating can be at most 2.375, the maximum passer rating is



A perfect passer rating therefore comprises:

  • a completion percentage of at least 77.5%: c8c8cb325371acffde940af085299919.png

  • at least 12.5 yards per attempt: 2f56d32f324bcdfd2fe2f7557fdf608d.png

  • at least .11875 touchdowns per attempt, or at most 8.42 attempts per touchdown: 38bab80c1bcbcb7c4221dbd92a8b3b13.png and

  • zero interceptions: e055085f7ba28085405e3d7b8897c083.png

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yards per attempt also figures in and Rivers CLEARLY had a higher YPA than Campbell.

Ok that makes sense. I was thinking that may be included but then I remembered that Brunell had a high rating last year without many long throws but then I also remembered that YPA includes YAC from the receiver.

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