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  1. SkinsManNJ

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    I have mixed thoughts on him. Seems fans want him to stay because of what was allowed to leave and dont want it to happen again. But then couple that with its Snyder run Redskins so he actually is the one who should be let go. Im hoping he does work out though.
  2. SkinsManNJ

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    If that is the case then good. It makes an easier transition for the offense. Paloffs on the horizon 12-4 next year you heard it here 1st. AJ Green? Why him? Dont forget we get to see what Bryce Love can do next year.
  3. SkinsManNJ

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    I thought it was all but announced that KOC is staying?
  4. SkinsManNJ

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    Anyone know which radio stations in Salisbury MD i can hear it on?
  5. SkinsManNJ

    **** the Cowboys

    Let's not forget the ref hanging out with the Cowgirls on the bus. Starting to look like the fix is in and the NFL is blatantly showing that. Anyway... Go Pack Go. ****Dall***
  6. SkinsManNJ

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    I like feed2all just to many pop ups.
  7. Its good way for Danny to sell more jerseys. So it wouldn't be a bad idea at all. He could sell them as a rare jersey and charge more money for us to get them. But it would be a weird but nice surprise to see for a game or two. If enough people say they like the idea then we could see it happen. Ya never know. It is the Redskins remember that. That means anything is possible.
  8. I would like to see for just one game. Black jersey with burgandy numbers outlined with gold trim. and white or burgandy pants. It would be nice to see a mix of different uniforms this season. Wouldn't be a bad idea especially if we win often like I think we will, we would have the most numbers of jersey's sold this year. Snyder would be happy about that just so he can see who he can spend his money on next year. LOL