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Redskins penalties


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One of the main things that hurt the redskins last season was their amount of penalties. Throughout the entire season, the redskins were always among the top of the list when it came to the most penalized teams. A lot of the problems with penalties was the offensive line. From what I remember, the offensive line really hindered us with false starts and holds at critical times. Within the first 3 games of last season the offensive line had 15 accepted penalties against them.

Does anyone thing we will improve in this department? I remember a bunch of possible solutions in the past, for instance bringing reffs to camp was one that the redskins tried. Spurrier also tried charging money per penalty (which went towards a team party or something like that).

I personally think gibbs and bugel need to really step it up and start getting angry. They need to start getting mad at their players who commit boneheaded and costly penalties. The only person who I could see getting mad at penalties is williams. We could have had a few more wins last year if it wasn;t for some real costly penalties in critical times.

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I posted a very similar thread a few days ago but it appears the search function is not operating at the time.

Yes, I believe they will be improved. They will still get penalties but not the bonehead type penalties that we saw last year that can be attributed with being in a new offensive system.

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Penalties seem to be REALLY down this preseason. My recollection from 2006 was that the Skins reached double digits in penalties in a lot of games. But look at the numbers below. I hope this bodes well for the regular season.

Redskins Penalties and Penalty Yards, 2007 Preseason:

vs. Tennesse 8/11

3 penalties - 30 yards

vs. Pittsburgh 8/18

8 penalties - 43 yards

vs. Baltimore 8/25

4 penalties - 30 yards

vs. Jacksonville 8/30

6 penalties - 45 yards

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I have to say that overall the penalties weren't all that bad this preseason. I know that is no indication about whether or not they will do well. The team seems to be getting it together. I just don't want to see a delay of game penalty at home because of communication problems.

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Here are stats from last year

Redskins 2006 Penalties/Yards

Minn. 7-55

Dallas 11-117

Houston 12-126

Jax 4-40

NY Giants 5-35

Tenn 6-46

Indy 10-91

Bye week

Dallas 5-41

Philly 8-70

Tampa 3-19

Carolina 6-40

Atlanta 3-30

Philly 11-68

New Orleans 3-15

St. Louis 2-58

NY Giants 10-100

The most penalties in the 2007 preason was 8, a total they surpassed in six games last season. Also interesting, the Skins averaged almost 3 penalties per game more against NFC East opponents than in games against other teams.

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Jansen and Samuels were very keen on false starts. That's the one penalty I don't think there's any excuse for. It would be almost impossible for the O-Line to get any worse with that than what they've been over the course of the last two seasons.

Thankfully they've changed the rules on unnecessary roughness penalties so hopefully those will go down too...though the Jacksonville refs didn't seem to get the message because that 15 yarder they called on the Jags was completely bogus.

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