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  1. Maybe McNabb gets hurt and rexy leads us to a paloff. Maybe shanahan challenges a 12 men on the field against the vikings next week. It'll all work itself out
  2. The cyborg/finney fight looked like the mike tyson vs. carol channing scene from family guy. This was a really good event over all though. Cung le looked real impressive
  3. This fight is like one that should be on a card. not on episode 3 of TUF
  4. Mayweather is the biggest ***** known to the sport of boxing. It's a shame he didn;t take the paquiao fight. I would have loved to watch him get his ass beat. Now instead we have to watch him fight yet another lesser fighter and prolly win by decision. Then he can retire again so he doesn't have to hurt his pretty face, or risk losing until he has the opportunity to have another big money fight where he will un retire
  5. Yea they make chris samuels's but look big........................who the hell cares how it makes them look? I love the white on white unis. Let's definitely whip em out.
  6. MMA sucks. WHo wants to see guys laying on top of each other for 80% of every round. I'd rather watch boxing or streetfighting. At least these guys have to attack.
  7. Vince McMahon JR ruined wrestling. Wrestling will never be the same as it was when I was young. It really sux now.
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