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To Mark Brunell: Thanks for the Memories (merged)


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I know Mark often struggled as the Redskins QB because of his limited mobility and attributes unlike when he was the Jaguars QB in his earlier years in the NFL. However, he did have some good games with the Redskins, especially in the Redskins' 2005 Season. Mark did what he could as the starting QB for the Redskins; I hope that Jason Campbell can step up to the plate as the new starting QB for the Redskins. I am sure Mark and Todd will provide support for Jason all the way.

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The one thing I love about having Mark Brunell the last few years is busting up Dallas 3 out of 4 games in the last 2 seasons... oh and spoiling their playoff hopes in 2005. LOL!

Mark, thank you so much for what you brought to Washington. Your talent reinvigorated the fans who had spent years in gloom after Gibbs left in the 90's. You've made us remember what it is to fight hard no matter what the press or fans say about you. You always kept calm about everything and kept your head in the game. Take care and please continue to support Campbell. Continue to mentor him.


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Mark came here at the end of his career. He had a great career and is getting to the hard part of any career. Respect is in order.

Maybe some of the bitter posters are being nasty cuz they in their 30s and still don't have one. Some are in their teens and need smacked upside the head, learn some respect. You have 1400 other threads on which to be a-holes, pick one and go. It's only funny to be nasty at a time like this to lowlifes, which apparently have now gained internet access and learned to type. Sad day for us all.

This thread was started because Mark is going out, this is the first step of a hard part of life for folks who hit the age barrier for their career. It was meant to honor him, which is the respectable thing to do at this point.

Anything nasty and negative at that point is below classless, it is the work of virtueless pigs and lowlifes with no real future of their own. Get some honor and decency, better yet, grow a set, cuz I bet in real life u r chikin ****s, most people who r all nasty like that at wrong moments on the net lack a set and r bitter teenie weenied losers and wussies in real life......it was an itsy bitsy bitsy teenie weenie......

Bashing him and bringing up stats now that he is moving on, just shows what pathetic buttwipes some of u are. Congratulations, you ruined a thread meant to be nice, just like you probably ruined your marraige, your own careers, and spoiled your bedsheets when alone.......

I have a stat for ya, one of every four posters here acted like completely self absorbed, inconsiderate, a-holes who need a smack upside the head. I am ashamed that some of your are redskins fans. Go away faster than Brunell please. Being a worthless pig doesn't make you a skins fan. It just makes you a worthless, classless pig. I swear that worthless scumbag David Martin has multiplied himself somehow.....

after such a respectful post you have shown me the value of being a class act. I only hope to be as complimentary as you are when I get your age.........hypocrite

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