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To Mark Brunell: Thanks for the Memories (merged)


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Hi everybody. Mark Brunell fan here.

It is obvious that the time for Jason Campbell is upon us. As painful as it is to admit, our season is all but over, and the time has come to prepare for next year. Obviously, we need to use the remaining games to develop and evaluate our young talent. However, this thread is not about benching Mark Brunell. Lord knows we already have enough threads about that. Instead, as Mark Brunell enters the twilight of his storied career, I wish to take this opportunity to look back on his accomplishments. He has had a great run.

First off, I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation for what Brunell has done for the Washington Redskins. Mark got the Dallas monkey off of our back. I will never forget that Monday night miracle last season. I can still see #8 running for his life on 3rd and very long. The images of those two perfect bombs to Santana Moss are forever etched in my memory. Many of the Redskins faithful may hate Brunell now, but none will ever forget that night. That was the biggest win we've had in years. We can thank Mark Brunell for that memory.

Last season was easily the best we've had since 1991. We all loved last year's team, and Mark Brunell was one of its leaders. We can thank Mark Brunell for his role in not only sweeping Dallas, but also sweeping Philly, beating New York on Chirstmas Eve, and a very memorable five game run to return a long struggling franchise to the playoffs. 2005 was a great ride. We can thank Mark Brunell for that memory too.

It looks like 2005 was probably the last good year for the aging veteran. If so, it is a fine finish to a fantastic career. Let us not forget that Mark Brunell's career did not begin in DC. Mark Brunell won a National Championship for the Washington Huskies. He won division titles and playoff games for the expansion Jacksonville Jaguars. When it is all said and done, Mark Brunell's statistics will show just how good of a quarterback he really was. In 156 career games, Brunell completed 2738 passes for 31836 yards and 182 TDs, while throwing only 106 INTs and amassing a carreer passer rating of 84.2. If you don't repsect that, you don't know much about football. He is a three time pro-bowler, in the top 25 all-time in passing yards, in the top 20 all-time in completions, one of the top 20 rated passers all-time, and recently set an NFL record for consecutive completions.

Yes, Redskins fans, the time for Jason Campbell has come. But let us give Mark Brunell the respect he deserves as his career comes to an end. As we prepare to say fairwell to Mark Brunell, let us also say thanks for the memories.









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Yeah, thanks for never taking the blame. Thanks for missing the deep receiver 90% of the time. Thanks for finding Ladell Betts in the flats when it's 3rd and 10. Thanks for leading this offense to an NFL record worst in a playoff game.

Yeah, we have a lot to be thankful for today.

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Brunell, you're a classy guy, never moaning, never complaining.

You were the QB when we were a couple plays away from the NFC Championship.


You played decently at times, even getting a NFL record.

Thanks for that. But it is time to move foward.

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