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How did you find out there was no Santa?


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I say you wait as long as possible, if ever, to tell the kids. Portisizzle, you should return those presents for new ones. That will convince your kids.

When I was a kid, my brother and I tried to set a trap to catch Santa. We tied a string between two tin cans and filled the cans with marbles and stuff. We figured that Santa would trip over our trap, wake us up, and we could catch him (we already assumed it was our parents) in the act.

I took a simpler approach to the tooth fairy. I just decided not to tell my mom. No $.50 for me the next day.

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According to MSF, the democrats killed Santa...

... Sorry.... couldn't resist.

You should have tried harder.

The Santa thing probably ended for me when I was about 5 or 6. The whole idea didn't really add up to me for a couple reasons, but I was a little advanced (intellectually at least) for my age at that point. The fact that Santa only brought the things that mom and dad approved of on my Wish List, the no-kid shopping trips for my mom, etc...

Of course, I still got to play the game for another 12-15 years since I'm the oldest of eight grandchildren on my father's side of the family and due to age gaps, there were still "Santa believing" cousins until I was in college.

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The way I found out, one Christmas Eve, I think I was about 8, I was in bed but not asleep and my mom was making a lot of noise in the hallway where the closets were. So I got up without making much noise, and saw her taking wrapped presents out.....hahaha.....My sister is two years younger then me, but I was a good brother and didn't ruin it for her. :)

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