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It is half way over


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Yes my fellow Redskin Fans, Joe Gibbs second, and more than likely final tenure, as Redskin Head Coach is half way over.

Even though it has not gone as we all would like and maybe expected there are some high points like:

-The Monday Night Miracle

-Sweeping the Cowboys and Eagles in 05

-5 in a row or we don't go

-Last Sunday

It is hard to believe that it is half way over.

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I'm taking this post as a positive one. At the very least, Joe Gibbs has beaten Dallas 3 times and taken us to the playoffs. We couldn't beat Dallas before he came back and playoffs were a pipe-dream. This Sundays game is one of the biggest of his second tenure. We can not afford to come out flat again. We've got to take it to the Eagles like the Giants took it to Dallas on the road a couple of Monday nights ago.

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