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Redskins vs. Cowboys Pics #2


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Excellent pics...but we could use some more of the Redskinettes ;):D
good pics man. I love em! The cheerleaders are hot!
Okay Murf, how'd you get such a great shot of the fly over? Did you know they were coming?

Yes, yes ... I know. You guys would love nothing more than 300 photos of the cheerleaders. But I'm here to tell you, the game is far more enjoyable to shoot. You can buy the calendar and have all of them sign it and be happy. Nowhere else can you find the volume of game shots ExtremeSkins makes available for practices, games, etc.

Just know you guys are completely spoiled, and that guys like me are completely lucky to be on the sidelines taking photos. I'd rather not be the creepy guy turned away from one of the best games in FedEx Field history because the cheerleaders are shaking their pom poms on third down.

As for the flyover, I am a military guy and I make it a point to talk with other military types (even if they're Air Force). So I had spoken with people during the two hours I was around before the anthem and got the head's up. I was completely lucky to know where they were flying in from and everything, and as far as I know no one else got the shot. It's better to be lucky than good.

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