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Jersey Trade In Special


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I just got done calling the Redskins store in Lake Forest..

Basically, you can only get a max 20% off for each jersey you bring back....can't double dip on the discounts.

The cool thing is, you can donate any jersey and buy any jersey (including authentics) at 20% off. My advice is, steal your neighbor's Cowboy jersey and get a Taylor at 20% off :)

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Or you can save your #56 jersey for a #56 bonfire (we are using a fire pit) at the ES Tailgate on 12-30-06! :laugh:

This idea is exactly what my friends and I had planned for our tailgate.

Nice to know there are other right minded folk out there.


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The day we get Shelby at our Ford location is the day I change locations. :)
:notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy









:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I could not help but join the fun! :silly:

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Guest ComebackKing

Just traded in my beat up dust covered Wuerffel jersey and saved alot on a brand new Portis! Never would have known about this had not been for ES. Many Thanks!!!! Got a nice yearbook as well they threw in. Very good deal.

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Seriously people. I know the idea of trading in a jersey of a player that scorned us is somewhat cathartic, but you're really not saving money.

Go here and check out the white Moss and Portis jerseys for 50 bucks.

Or here to check out the burgundy Moss, Brunell (ha), and Portis jerseys for 50 bucks.

That's 10 bucks cheaper than the "trade-in special", and you don't have to go to a Redskins store to do it.

Want an authentic Moss? Go here, then use the code EMEBTWYW to get 20% off of the jersey, listed at $280. You'll get free shipping with that too.

That code gets 20% off of most orders on eastbay.com, and might work with the replicas as well, though they say they aren't eligible for promotion codes and I haven't tried it.

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:applause: Money making ploy. I need my money more than Snyder and the NFL needs it.

You are right, by the time I go to the store and get my 20% off their price, I can go to a sports store like The Finish Line (where they always seem to be on sale) and get one for the same price. The intent seems good but they could do more than that considering the amount of $ we spend on a jersey and then the player leaves after 2 seasons.

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